Getting some air… Torrential rain air!

Bikepark Wales, air time and torrential rain. Awesome day riding!

Yesterday in the torrential rain and heavy fog, Jemma (Velo Vie Ladies) and myself took a Women’s Jump Course at Bikepark Wales. I think we did pretty well considering we were battling the elements, barely able to keep our eyes open because of all the mud and dirt getting kicked up into our faces. Perfecting jumps has been hard for me and I’m a long way off perfect yet, but I think I’m getting there. Coach Griff told me that my technique is pretty much there, but I need more “oomf” to really take off. I learnt a lot from this course and I feel a little more confident about jumping now, and I also learnt that FiveTen Freeriders are very good swimming pools for your feet!

I managed to get some great action photos from AirShotz who are at BPW frequently snapping away at us on the trails. Looking at these photos, I see that I’m actually getting off the ground which is ace,… then I see my concentration-rain-face and I’m now totally aware this is something I have to work on. Doh!

So, my jumps are getting there. Now to tackle drop offs! I know this is a simpler process where you’re really just doing one thing,.. but mentally, I just HATE drop-offs! Probably has something to do with my numpty over-the-bars landing a few months ago!

I got to ride the new blue line at Bikepark Wales as well, Terry’s Belly, and it was awesome! Very nice and flowy, opportunity for air and even a considerate rest stop midway down, as it is such a long trail! Great trail for practising cornering as well, I think Griff said there are approximately 60 odd corners in the trail.

After a very wet, very muddy and tiring day at the bikepark, I was very happy to come home to the furry butt head cats.

 Hug time!
Hug time!