Katy Winton on Reflection, Relaxation and Racing

The Scottish enduro athlete reflects on a tough year of racing as she heads into 2019 with all guns blazing.

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FINDRA: Celebrating Four Years of Finery with Alex Feechan

FINDRA are celebrating four years of merino finery, so we catch up with the founder, Alex Feechan, to reflect on the brand’s success, its evolution and path for the future.

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kayley burdine

Introducing: Kayley Burdine

Last October, professional cyclist Marianne Vos launched a new initiative to promote women’s cycling all over the world. By encompassing all disciplines, skills and ages, Strongher was born with one simple goal: get more women cycling regularly. I was elated when Strongher contacted me asking if I would be an ambassador with the likes of […]

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Interview: Tracey Moseley 2015

Before I got addicted to cycling, and all things with two wheels, I knew who Tracy Moseley was. Growing up, I would watch her race or hear of her through sports news, and more often then not, she was dominating her field. Starting off with her brother, Ed, Tracy entered the world of XC competing […]

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Claudio Caluori

Interview: Claudio Caluori 2015

Claudio Caluori is famously known for his entertaining and thrilling World Cup course previews, but there’s more, a whole lot more, to this Swiss man of many talents. The manager of Gstaad-Scott, founder of Velosolutions, World Cup MTB commentator, course previewer and presenter of Red Bull Crashed Ice. This man spins many plates, so where […]

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Interview: Ashley Rankin of SHREDLY Shorts

I always get asked where I get my shorts from, I’ve even had women take photos of them so they can find them online! To my surprise, not many women have heard of SHREDLY, but after seeing their unique eye-catching shorts, they won’t be able to forget them. I speak with a lot of female riders, […]

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manon carpenter

Interview: Manon Carpenter 2015

“Just ride your bike lots!”

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rachel atherton

Interview: Rachel Atherton 2015

“Just focus on your own race”

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hannah wilson

Interview: Hannah Wilson 2015

Meeting fellow female bikers is always exciting for me, it’s like being a part of a little club in a way because as we’re considered to be the minority demographic in MTB, so you don’t see us descend the mountains in mass very often, which is why when you meet another girl rider, you gravitate […]

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hannah myers

Interview: Hannah Myers from Flare Clothing

When I was starting out in mountain biking, I needed to accumulate a variety of kit from the bike itself to the protective gear, and the clothing. Immediately it became apparent that there is an extremely limited selection for women’s MTB kit. Don’t get me wrong, there’s loads of Lycra wear for road biking and […]

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Tahnée Seagrave

Interview: Tahnée Seagrave 2015

British born Tahnée Seagrave moved to Morzine, France when she was 7 years old, which is where her passion for mountain biking ignited. To support their daughter’s ambition, and nurture her talent to be the future world cup champion, her parents Tony and Jo, founded FMD racing (Follow My Dream) in 2009. Earlier this year, […]

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amber charity

Interview: Amber Charity 2015

This website is all about promoting female riders and encouraging more women to get out on the bike, so what better way to achieve this than speaking with a variety of women who ride, race and work in the industry! Whether they are professional racers like Tahnée Seagrave and Katy Curd, or whether they are […]

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bike park wales

Bike Park Wales with Anna Astley

I’m super fortunate to live in South Wales because it’s a brilliant natural hot spot for mountain biking. We’ve got some stunning landscapes with natural trails carved into the mountains of Brechfa. We have some technical and challenging trails at Afan Forest, and then in the heart of South Wales, we have BikePark Wales. Since […]

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Interview: Charlotte Stevens from OzDzynes

I first came across OzDzynes whilst surfing the internet and saw these brightly coloured, patterned beanie hats and I thought “These are awesome!”. After reading a little about the company, I found out the owner was an Australian born female, an extreme sports enthusiast, Charlotte Stevens, who lives right on my doorstep in Wales. It […]

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katy curd

Interview: Katy Curd 2015

British born, Katy Curd took the biking scene by storm when she raced downhill, 4X and back to downhill. Two times national champion, and World Champion in 4X with multiple podium finishes, Katy has moved back into the downhill scene recently and is holding her ground. She offers coaching for groups and individuals, sharing expertise […]

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