26 Brutal Truths about Working from Home

Working from home

I’m a cycling journalist and I work from home. When I first started out at Total Women’s Cycling, I thought “hell yeah, working from home will be ace“. Little did I know that the reality of being a WFH cycling journalist would take me on a journey through all levels of sanity within the human mind. I’ve learnt more about myself in the past 18 months than in the past twenty-something years.

For those who think working from home is easy peasy and a bit of a doss… let me enlighten you to some brutal truths…

1. My neighbours probably think I’m a weird hermit or lady of the night.

2. I unknowingly talk to myself, and when I realise I’m doing it, I talk to my cat because that’s far more normal… right?

working from home

3. Gomez has more of a social life than I do.

4. There’s no dress code. In fact, no dress at all if I don’t fancy it.

5. Showering is totally optional and make-up is non-existent.

6. I consider putting a bra on as a genuine daily achievement.

7. Lunchtime power naps are a real thing – as are lunchtime rides if I’m lucky.

8. My utility bills have soared, I blame the kettle.

9. …so has the tea-bag bills

10. My office drama is having Gomez sleeping across my keyboard or trying to stop him from pooping on the carpet

11. After around the two-day mark, I find myself craving human contact for fear that I no longer remember how to function appropriately in social situations

12. People ‘drop in’ for a cuppa because they know I’m home (which is lovely) but they don’t realise that I have work to do and deadlines to meet

13. Gomez and I find ourselves on constant neighbourhood watch duty, often peaking our paranoia levels to alarming status

14. I’m now on a first name basis my postman. WFH means I never miss a delivery, but also means I’m the local depot for missed deliveries on the street.

15. I’ve developed a mild fear of showering or pooping because I know as soon as I do, the doorbell will ring for said delivery.

16. WFH means I’m always around for repairmen and engineers who I welcome with open arms because I’m just so happy to have someone else to talk to.

17. People judge me for waking up at 08:30, and sometimes not getting up at all because working in bed is totes legit.

18. When I do get out of bed, my morning commute is down a flight of stairs

19. I’ve found that working from home means you never really stop working. Those 09:00 – 17:00 working hours get blurrier and blurrier as time goes by…

20. There’s no escape from work. My day ends when I close the lid of my laptop, but niggling things and press releases means there really is no rest for the wicked.

21. No office Christmas party for me… or office birthday presents… or happy birthday’s for that matter because WFH makes it hard for long-distance colleagues who you’ve never met to know/remember who you are.

22. Because I don’t work in an office, I’ll never benefit from a cheeky snow day

23. People seem to think that WFH is more of a doss and not a real job

24. It really helps to find a support group of awesome people who also work from home so that you can all WFH together… still in your pj’s no less.

25. When I do leave my house to work from a cosy café, it’s often busy, noisy and almost all the power points are in use and the wifi is shitty.

26. Then I realise, there’s really no place like home…