3 Ways To Push Yourself To New Cycling Heights

Previously, I’ve covered things like cycling challenges you should try, interesting goals to work towards which will encourage you to try to push yourself on your bike. Sticking to your routine – be it on an actual bicycle or on an exercise bike – is perhaps the best way to stay fit and build up endurance. But sometimes you need a new challenge to keep things interesting, gauge your ability, and maybe even accomplish something you can be proud of. So, what can you do to spice things up a little? We’re going to take a look at some additional ways to push yourself to new cycling heights.

Conquer A Route In VR

One very fun thing that’s happened in the cycling world of late is integration with virtual reality. It’s not exactly a fine-tuned idea just yet, but basically, people are using various programs (like Google Earth) in conjunction with VR headsets and exercise bikes to give people the sensation that they’re biking along various routes around the world. Once this sort of experience is improved upon, you can just imagine cycling along any famous route or road in the world, whether or not it’s a traditional cycling path: Big Sur, the French Riviera… even atop the Great Wall of China! Resistance will shift according to hills and terrain, beautiful and accurate images will surround you, and you’ll be able to go for mile upon simulated mile, all while getting a legitimate workout. When this all comes about, picking an ambitious route and conquering it in VR will be a great challenge to embrace.

Bet On Your Own Time

Betting on your own time, for a race or even a solo trip, is a fun way to test your willpower and ability. The easiest way to do this is to find a friend or colleague, or even just a cycling buddy, who doesn’t necessarily doubt you, but may be willing to put an expensive dinner on the line against your coming in under an ambitious time. If you want to up the ante even more, so to speak, you can also look to professional betting firms to see if anyone will take the wager. This may seem intimidating, but today’s online bookmakers are actually fairly approachable. They have appealing sites and apps and innumerable listings, and some pitch free betting options in a bid to attract new customers, giving the whole industry a more relaxed feel. You can try to reach out and contact a professional bookmaker in an attempt to establish a real bet on your time at your next race. A few of them have taken fitness-related bets in the past!

Cycle Along With The Tour de France

This idea can be taken a few different ways. For one thing, you can actually ride some stages of the Tour de France just for fun, and a lot of enthusiastic cyclists will undoubtedly see the appeal of doing so. For more of a challenge though, try riding along with the race itself! This is actually something the actor Owen Wilson does in the goofy comedy You, Me, And Dupree, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Wilson’s character basically parks himself in front of a TV on a stationary bike and tries to catch Lance Armstrong. Keeping up with the riders, even in a simulated sense, is a bit ambitious – but you may still find that you can push your limits just by having the race on as you do a cycling workout. Plus, you can come up with all sorts of specific challenges while doing so, from coming within a certain percentage of the leader’s time on a given day to completing a certain stage at a certain time, etc.

Through challenges like these, you might just find that you have more ability than you even realized as a cyclist.