Awesome Gifts for MTB Women

gifts for mtb women

Buying gifts for MTB women for people can be tricky. You want to get them something super awesome, something that they’ll love, and of course, earn some brownie points in the process too. So, unless your partner or bestie has explicitly told you what they want to be treated with, it’s your job to get it right – a real relationship test! To help you in your quest for the perfect gift, I’ve rounded up a few ideas to get you started. So, grab a pen, paper and your credit card because here are a few things your special mountain biker may want to be spoilt with…

*In case you were wondering… I haven’t been asked or paid to feature these items and I get diddly-squat if you do purchase anything I recommend.

The Tonic Tribe (CBD)

gifts for mtb women

There is a myriad of uses and benefits from using CBD after it exploaded onto our shelves a few years ago.

From soap to tea, from lip balm to clit-spritz, the wonderful women at The Tonic Tribe have all your CBD needs covered. With a full range of ingestion methods, strengths and even flavours, you can grab your special someone a little bit of calm and comfort. If you need a little more information on what CBD is, The Tonic Tribe has a wealth of info available on their website.

Shop here: The Tonic Tribe // Follow them here: @TheTonic_cbd

SWSLN Wood Goods

Bring some of the outdoors into your home with a piece from SWSLN’s incredible handcrafted wood design collection.

From the talented hands of Sarah Wilson, an avid mountain biker and all-around awesome human, SWSLN blends Sarah’s flair for art, the outdoors and whisky. Well, Scotland is the homeland to some of the world’s most decadent malts and Sarah’s creations use beautifully textured whisky barrels, stained and polished by years in the distillery. Her home decor and chunky unique necklaces are a must for anyone who loves the outdoors and believes in supporting small independant businesses!

Shop here: SWLSN Wood // Follow here: @swlsn.wood

Date Coffee Co.

It’s undeniable that there’s a strong correlation between cyclists and coffee, it’s like the perfect marriage. However, caffeinated drinks and coffee aren’t to everyone’s taste, which is where Date Coffee Co. comes in.

Date Coffee Co. produces Dafé, which is made from dates, of course. It goes through the same roasting, grinding and brewing processes as regular coffee, but brews a unique and smooth coffee-alternative. Here’s why you should try Dafé and why you should gift some this Christmas; naturally caffeine-free, made with fully compostable packaging, gluten-free and founded by passionate mountain bikers. I cannot wait to try mine!

Shop here: Date Coffee Co. / Follow here: @datecoffeeco

RT Creations

Fellow mountain bike enthusiast, Rachel Trainor, is the owner of the talented hands behind these wonderful illustrations.

With over a decade of photography and graphic design experience under her belt, Rachel designs works of art based on your preferences. The end result is an eye-catching design that’ll look right at home on display for all to see and admire. All you have to decide is what awesome design you want to commission!

Shop here: RT Creations // Follow here: @_rtcreations_

Sender Ramps

Contrary to my assumption of Sender Ramps being a big(ish) brand, it’s actually ran a passionate family of mountain bikers and their friends.

Based up in Scotland, Sender Ramps manufacture a huge variety of ramps and tools to help develop mountain bike skills. Evrything from curved ramps to see-saws and even rock gardens, can all be purchased for some home-based skill sessions. However, the ramps are also totally portable!

Shop here: Sender Ramps // Follow here: @SenderRamps


Another wonderfully talented mountain biker is Michaela Scott.

Clearly possessing the patience of a saint, Michaela carefully crafts the coolest and most intricate of paper cutting designs. Whether you want a cut-out silhouette of your bike, cat or just a very cool design, drop Michaela a message with your ideas and she’ll magic you up something unique and personal to you.

Shop and follow here: @papercutsedinburgh

Natural Chamois Cream

The Natural Little Bee company uses the finest locally sourced honey from the Tweed Valley to create products like this chamois balm.

By using raw, natural and fatty oils in its concoction, it helps to extend the life of the balm, making it last longer. natural antimicrobial essential oils also make up this balm’s all-natural ingredient list; coconut, tee-tree for antiseptic healing, and bergamot.

Shop here from £9.50: Natural Little Bee / Follow here: @NaturalLittleBee


Even though I primarily ride in flats, I do occasionally switch to SPDs for a change, or if I’m embarking on a long epic.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to Neatcleats which is a really handy device that your cleats clip into, your helmet to hang and then you can carry or clip them to whatever. Compatible with most major road and MTB cleat-types, I’ve found Neatcleats really useful for travelling with my shoes and for storage when I’m home. They’re also perfect for drying out your shoes on!

Shop here: Neatcleats Shop // Follow here:


How often do you run out of water on a ride? Or perhaps you want to go on an epic and have no idea how to carry enough water?

Well, Water-To-Go can help. They’ve created an on-the-go water bottle filter system. This allows you to safely filter wild water (not saltwater) into drinking water. I’ve got one, and I’ve used it a fair few times and I think it’s an awesome companion for long rides. The filter eliminates up to 99.9% of water contaminants and lasts for 200 litres.

Shop here for £30: Water-to-Go // Follow them here: @watertogo

Schwalbe Tire Booster

schwalbe tire booster schwalbe easy tubeless kit 02

If I can successfully complete a tubeless conversion, then your special someone (or you) can too!

With the heaps of help from Schwalbe’s Tubeless Easy Kit and Tire Booster, I managed to easily convert my gravel bike to tubeless. Since then, the Tire Booster has been in a lot of use with the mountain bike as it’s really easy to top-up with the track pump, before blasting it through the Booster and into your tire.

Shop here: Amazon // Follow here: @SchwalbeTires

Shred Til Bed

I mean, this is a far cooler and more engaging way to learn the alphabet than Annie Apple and Bouncing-Bloody-Ben!

For young shredders, animal-lovers and suckers for all things mountain-biking, this rad little hardback book has 52 wonderfully illustrated pages depicting all your favourite animals, shredding bikes with catching short alphabet rhymes.

Shop here for £22: Kids Ride Shotgun // Follow here: @kidsrideshotgun

TotalMTB Mental Health Tee

It’s no secret that I have suffered from Complex PTSD for years, and that mountain biking has had a significant impact on improving my mental and physical well-being.

TotalMTB is a friendly community of riders who encourage, nurture and support one another as a means to help mental and physical health while having fun on the bike. One of their shop t-shirts is all about mental health awareness, and I love it!

Shop here for £20: TotalMTB // Follow here: @TotalMTB

Singletrack Lockdown 2020 Puzzle

gifts for mtb women

What a way to spend the festive period than with a puzzle commemorating the most bizarre and surreal thing to have happened in our lifetime: lockdown.

Singletrack Magazine has consistently been bringing us the goods throughout the global pandemic with insightful articles, humorous posts and things like this, a 1,000 piece puzzle. Designed by a guy called “Graeme, aka Stormstatic”, this puzzle measures 66 x 50cm and is made in the UK.

Shop here for £25: Singletrack World // Follow here: @SingletrackMag

Viva La Vulva Necklace

A Swarovski crystal clitoris, anyone?

As a long-standing fan of Tatty Devine, I love seeing their new bold creations of bling, peppered with empowerment. Available in pink or brown, this awesome vulva pendant celebrates womanhood and equality. You can help to support the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights, with £3 per piece sold donated to the Fawcett Society.

Shop here for £45: Tatty Devine // Follow here: @TattyDevine

Peaty’s MK2 Tubeless Valves

A bit of bling with some seriously handy functional properties. These aren’t just any tubeless valves, these are Peaty’s MK2 tubeless valves.

It isn’t just the fab array of colours the MK2 valves come in, but what makes these tubeless valves so cool is the top of one is a valve core remover, and the top of the other is a spoke key – how handy is that?!

Shop here from £25: Peaty’s // Follow here: @PeatysProducts

SHREDLY Gloves & Accessories

gifts for mtb women

I have oodles of love for SHREDLY and the wonderful women behind the scenes, steering the helm.

SHREDLY are famed for their women’s specific mountain bike shorts. Available in some of the raddest colourways and designs, SHREDLY is perhaps the only brand on the market catering to the very real body shapes and sizes we vary between. However, SHREDLY has a wicked range of gloves and accessories as well, from socks to scrunchies and to facemasks. Very excited to keep seeing this brand flourish.

Shop accessories here: SHREDLY // Follow here: @Shredly

Weldtite Cleaning Kit

Epic Gift Guide weldtite jet blast degreaser bike wash

Help keep the bike sparkly clean with Weldtite’s clean and maintain range. Including their new Jet Blast Degreaser.

I’ve been using this selection to keep my bike running smoothly without grit and grime clogging it up. It makes cleaning just that bit easier and totally removes all traces of grim winter riding! You can read my full review here.

Shop here: CRC // Follow here: @Weldtite

Stance Socks

gifts for mtb women

Is it even a real Christmas if you don’t gift socks? Didn’t think so…

I’ve developed a rather (un)healthy addiction to Stance Socks this year. Not only are the designs amazing and colourful, but you can buy different materials and thicknesses depending on your sport, including bikes. At the moment, I’m loving their Christmas deisgns, but they also do a massive range of both branded and Stance-inspired graphics.

Shop here: Stance EU // Follow here: @StanceEurope

Pit Vipers

I’ve had loads of comments about my Pit Vipers on social media, and with good reason… they look amazing.

The Baja Blaster pair have a clear lens with a yellow tint which is amazing for low-light conditions as it really helps to make the trail pop. Not only does life look much better, but these specs are great for protecting your eyes from dirt and debris that likes to fling its way into your eyeballs. 11/10 would recommend a pair (or five) of Pit Vipers.

Shop here: Pit Viper // Follow here: @Pit_Viper

Fox Speedframe Pro

Is there any bigger compliment than wanting to carefully protect your loved one’s noggin?

I got the Fox Speedframe Pro earlier in the year and since it arrived, it’s been my go-to helmet. The pearly white colour really pops against any colour of kit your wearing and looks great in photos, of course. However, it’s not all about looks, the fit and feel are really comfortable and it breathes really well throughout the ride. More information (and colours) is available on Fox’s website.

Shop here from £89: Fox Racing UK // Follow here: @FoxRacing

Endura MT500 Waterproof Jacket

Endura Women's MT500

This autumn has been especially wet in Wales. Like, I really cannot remember a worse or wetter autumn. These conditions may not be great for motivation, but these conditions are perfect for Endura’s MT500 Waterproof jacket.

Fully waterproof with plenty of zipped pockets, hand cuffs, ample size hood and all wrapped up nicely in a colour that makes the jaw drop. Available in two colourways, and in sizes XS to XXL, this beauty retails for £230.

Shop here: Endura // Follow here: @EnduraOfficial

So there’s you go. A few pretty awesome gifts for MTB women. Get shopping for those perfect gifts and make them feel as special as they are to you!