How to Enjoy Car-Free MTB

The UK has recently pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, which has been received as a significant and achievable milestone. With growing awareness about how we power our homes and vehicles, it’s time to take a look at how we power our passion for mountain biking too. Thankfully, our friends at Good Journey are here to help! They are working hard to encourage Britain to take more trips without their cars and travel by greener means.

To have a successful mountain bike experience, you need to venture outside of the concrete jungle cities and head for the hills, and because of its more remote setting, mountain biking often relies on transport to get to and from the trails. But did you know that in the UK, we travel 1,343-miles for leisure every year? Cars are responsible for 15% of the UK’s CO2 emissions and rising, with air pollution contributing to approximately 40,000 deaths each year. If we can shift 1 in 100-day trips out of cars, it will save as much CO2 as taking 50,000 cars off the road! So, don’t start your mountain bike ride behind the wheel of a car, here’s how you can help reduce vehicle emissions and go car-free MTB with Good Journey.


It’s a no brainer – why not cycle to the trails? Ok, it may take more time, but there’s a whole journey to be had in commuting to the trails. Pack some extra snacks and get creative with travelling by using cycle-paths, forests and fire roads to get to your trail destination. If you live somewhere like South Wales, where there are a few riding spots in a relatively small area, why not make a long weekend of it and cycle between centres? The Sustrans website is a fantastic resource for finding cycling routes all over the country.


Forget the traffic, just sit back and relax with friends as you travel by train to your mountain bike adventure. Watch the world go by as you sip down a morning coffee, read the paper or hop on the WiFi to surf the web.

The national rail network is growing each year, adding in more stops and services to improve the country’s mobility. Some services require you to book your bike in advance, but once you and your kit are on the train, you can enjoy the scenery as you prepare to ride. You’ll find some great tips for tracking down cheap train tickets here, and the Trainline’s website has a useful resource all about taking your bike on the train – You can read the full article here.

Car Share

If you’re heading to a more remote location where public transport is yet to reach, then why not car share with friends to reduce the number of cars on the road. With everyone chipping in for fuel, the costs can remain low, and camaraderie remains high as you all stoke one another on for the ride ahead.

Bike Rental

If you don’t fancy taking your bike on public transport, then why not hire a bike when you arrive? Many mountain bike centres offer bike hire so you can keep your bike clean at home while you make a less cumbersome trip to the trails by bus or train.

For more inspiration for car-free adventures, head over to Good Journey – where you’ll find money-saving offers, destination guides and a free eBook of Scenic Rail & Bus Journeys of Britain.

So why not start your mountain bike adventure from the moment you leave your front door and seek out alternative ways to travel to the trails this year.