8 Reasons to Book a VeloGuide

If you and your bike want to get away this year to explore the world, ride new destinations and make lasting memories, you really need to make the most of it, and one service to help you do just that is VeloGuide.

Launched in 2017, VeloGuide is the ultimate worldwide directory for cycling guides. Wherever you go, you can find yourself a guide who will show you the best riding in their local area. Since its inception, VeloGuide has grown to now operate in over 600 cites around the globe with more than 1,600 guides registered – that’s a lot of road and trails waiting to be explored! But, like with all things new, it can take some time and research to satifsty questions and curiosities before taking the plunge and pressing that button. So let me help you with that and offer up a few reasons why you should really consider booking a VeloGuide this year.

VeloGuide: What you need to know

Travel Light

Before each VeloGuide is approved by the service, they must have access to rental bikes, either their own spare bikes which they can hire out to you, or to a local bike shop with hire services. All bike rental information can be found via your VeloGuide’s profile on the website, or via the bike shops who have their own profile. So, without having to pack your bike, it means you only have to travel with your helmet, clothing and pedals!

Explore More

It goes without saying that if you hire a friendly local to guide you around, you’ll unlock the roads and trails less travelled. Sure, you can spend a few days conquering the iconic routes you travelled out to do, but securing a VeloGuide will enable you to explore more than you thought possible.

Local Culture

You can learn a great deal more about your holiday destination from the locals. Enrich your ride with culture, local tales and trivia which you wouldn’t find in a travel guide book.

Make Friends

You ride bikes. They ride bikes. Already, you and your VeloGuide have so much in common! Friendly rides and shared experiences on tour make the best foundations for new friendships. Using VeloGuide is a great way to meet people from all over the world, make lasting connections and forge lasting memories.


When you’re riding somewhere new for the first time, especially abroad, it can be a little daunting. Unfamiliar trails, language barriers and unknown territories can result in you playing it too safe on your rides and missing out on something amazing. Riding with a VeloGuide local will help settle any uneasiness you may have about travelling and riding in new areas.


With over 1,600 registered VeloGuides in over 600 cities, you may struggle to choose just one place to visit! But don’t forget that you can search for a VeloGuide in your surrounding areas who can show you routes you’ve yet to discover.


Once you’ve got the VeloGuide bug, nothing will stop you from getting involved with the community, and one great way to do this is via Strava. The VeloGuide Strava club has over 1,800 members, uploading their activities, VeloGuide photos and sharing cycling events all over the world. It’s much more than just a global cycling guide directory, VeloGuide is a family of cyclists just waiting to welcome you in.

It’s Easy

Because the VeloGuide app is available to download via Google Play and the App Store, it’s incredibly easy to search for routes, guides and bikes at the touch of your phone. VeloGuide has worked hard to create a simple and informative platform which makes booking a VeloGuide really easy.

Of course, don’t just take it from me. To find out a little more about the VeloGuide services, who better to speak with than a frequent user? I caught up with Lisa Barnes from Cranbrook, Canada who has booked a VeloGuide in five different locations around the world.

Lisa Barnes on one of her VeloGuide adventures

Before setting off on a trip to Puerto Vallarta in December 2017, a friend suggested to Lisa that she get in touch with VeloGuide, and after “two rides with Clarence, it was certainly a highlight of my trip!” Since her first booking, Lisa has gone on to book herself a few more VeloGuides for her travels; “I have ridden in Victoria BC with David, Dublin Ireland with Colly, Richmond Hills in London with Sam and the countryside of Glasgow Scotland with Andrew.”

So what makes Lisa keep coming back to VeloGuide? “The ease of having to only travel with my shoes and pedals, the safety of being with a local, the stories exchanged and relationships built on the ride are pretty awesome too.”

And, why should others book with VeloGuide this year? “It provides an opportunity for an incredible experience on two wheels when travelling somewhere new; without the hassle of having to arrange a bike, plan a route, hope not to get lost, and remember what side of the road you are supposed to be on! Every interaction I have had with VeloGuide concierges (Jillian and Mary) have been positive and helpful. The guides that I have ridden with provided some great local insight, history of the area, and were all able to build a route that satisfied my climbing, and distance needs. I still keep in touch through Strava. It is a great feeling to know that you have new friends connected through a love of cycling.”

VeloGuide is all about helping you get the most out of your riding experience, wherever you are in the world. Connecting passionate cyclists to share their favourite routes and buidling a strong community of enthusiasts is welcoming to everyone, whether you’ve got the fitness of a pro, or you’re just looking for a more leisurely sight-seeing ride.

For more information on VeloGuide and to begin planning your next cycling adventure, head over to their website here where you can learn more and sign up. So, what are you waiting for?