The Epic Gift Guide for Adventure-Seeking Women

Buying gifts for people can be tricky. You want to get them something super awesome, something that they’ll love, and of course, earn some brownie points in the process too. So, unless your partner or bestie has explicitly told you what they want to be treated with, it’s your job to play mind-reader and hope you get it right – a real relationship test! 

To help you along the way, I’ve put together this epic gift guide. Admittedly, I do want a lot of this for myself (take note, friends), but I figured; “if I think it’s cool, someone else might too“. Grab a pen, paper and your credit card ready because here are a few things your special adventure-seeking lass may want to be spoilt with.

Ferda Girls swag

Ferda Girls Merchandise epic gift guide

Micayla Gatto’s Ferda Girls parody music video took the mountain bike scene by storm last year. Rallying up a wave of women who are fed up of being stereotyped in a pink and fragile haze. In its honour, the social media tag #FerdaGirls continues to be used by any woman who enjoys getting rad outdoors. Represent!

The online store has a selection of Ferda Girls merch including clothing, stickers, bottles and accessories. With prices starting from £5.99, view the full range and shop here.

Stay Home Club pin

What’s that? Why yes, this is perhaps the best pin badge in existence!

Contrary to our overwhelming need to be outdoors seeking adventure, coming home after a long ride or hike and cwtching up with our furry companions can’t be beaten, and that’s what the Stay Home Club is all about.

They have loads of pins, accessories and clothing in their shop, but this one is my favourite! Cats are dicks, and they don’t give a f*ck, so why should you? The cat bathing pin is available here for $7, but be sure to check out their full store too, shop here.

Can’t Quit Cartel pin

You’ve guessed it; I bloody love a good pin.

For when you can feel yourself bonking on a ride and for when your legs are refusing to carry you any further up that trail, remember that you can do it. Overcoming the odds and giving life’s lemons the middle finger is what the Can’t Quit Cartel is all about. So, pin this to your lapel or your bag for a dose of oomph for when you need it most.

This lapel pin is available here for £4, but don’t forget to check out the rest of the Can’t Quit Cartel store for more accessories and clothing. Shop here.

The Forgotten Era of Women’s Bicycle Racing

After the invention of the safety bicycle in the late 1800’s, the equal rights movement gained some serious momentum, literally.

Along with the tireless work of the suffragettes, women wanted in on the race action too. This book uncovers the forgotten era of women’s bicycle racing from 1895 to 190 when racing was fast, frantic and highly-competitive, and where women were seen to be challenging patriarchal notions of female frailty and competitive spirit.

Available for £20 here

Fawcett Society x Tatty Devine bling

Contrary to the fabricated stereotype that all feminists are hairy legged, anti-makeup, man-haters, being a feminist is about equal rights for everyone, and believing in equality makes you an egalitarian.

The Fawcett Society is the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights, and they’ve been doing this since 1866 when a 19-year old girl called, Millicent Fawcett began petitioning for the vote. The Fawcett Society teamed up with bling-extraordinaire, Tatty Devine to bring us this stunning collection of jewellery.

With £3 from every sold item goes to supporting the Fawcett Society’s work, check out the full range of necklaces, pins and earrings here.

Mountain bling

Even more bling, but this time, it’s of the mountain variety.

Take some of those outdoor adventures with you wherever you go with this handmade mountain range necklace. The pendant sits on a 16.9″ chain and is made from 24K matte gold, or silver plating over a brass base, and wood veneer.

Let’s face it; she’d totally rock this. This mountain range necklace is available here for £51.

Scribbles by Sarah Andersen

You’ve no doubt come across her illustrations on social media; they’re iconic, hilarious and so relatable. Sarah Andersen can humorously illustrate the inner workings of the female mind, and life’s general woes.

But did you know that she has a shop? Her scribbles, notebooks, prints, stickers and accessories are the perfect companion on a low day. Check out the full range at the shop here.

She Shreds Co. vest

She Shreds Co. has one aim; “Celebrating everyday girls doing extraordinary things. Every day.” Now, that’s something I can get behind.

They have a vast range of clothing from casual to performance wear, and all the accessories in between. I love this Fearless racer-back vest because whenever we embark on the outdoors and wild mother nature, we are fearless.

This Fearless vest is available here for $40, but be sure to check out their full range at their shop here.

SWSLN Woodwork

Bring some of the outdoors into your home with a piece from SWSLN’s incredible handcrafted wood design collection.

From the talented hands of Sarah Wilson, an avid mountain biker and all-around awesome human (yes, I’m biased), SWSLN blends Sarah’s flair for art, the outdoors and whisky? Well, Scotland is the homeland to some of the world’s most decadent malts and Sarah’s creations use beautifully textured whisky barrels, stained and polished by years in the distillery.

Check out her full range of homewares here.

Broken Riders tech t-shirts

Celebrate the fail with Broken Rider’s clothing. I love their women’s tech-t’s, I wear them all the time because they’re fitting, soft and they breathe well when I’m riding. These t-shirts are made from either organic cotton or bamboo tech fabrics, perfect for wearing while getting active outdoors.

Check out the full Broken Rider’s range at their shop here.

Glow and See knitwear

Your helmet hair needs a hat, sorry, but it’s a mess, and your neck needs a snood to keep the draught from entering when you’re out in the wild.

Ok, so they’re a little more on the pricey side with beanies starting from £54, but here’s why. Glow and See knitwear takes these outdoor essentials and injects a little something else, safety. Using a unique fabric and a reflective yarn, garments are knitted together to help keep the wearer visible in low-light conditions.

Check out their beanies here and their snoods here.

FINDRA Merino goodies

Merino technical fabrics are so yummy and soft, and they’re perfect for adventure too!

Scottish brand, FINDRA, have effortlessly blended performance and style with their merino collection for women. With tops, bottoms, and everything in between, FINDRA has you covered with bright and delicious garments. FINDRA’s base-layers the absolute bee’s knees! Oh, and this year they launched menswear too!

You can find the full women’s range in all its glory here.

Brushed Flannel women’s shirt

Let’s be honest, are you even an outdoor enthusiast if you don’t have a flannel shirt? I didn’t think so.

The Mountain Warehouse has this brushed cotton flannel shirt, available in two colours, both boasting the same “Hey, I’m outdoorsy” vibe. I already have two in my closet, both on equal rotation for work and riding, sometimes both!

Available here for £15bargain!

Endura WMS MT500 Spray Trousers

I’ve been living in my Endura Wms MT500 Spray trousers this autumn and winter, and I don’t doubt I won’t be wearing them for many mountain bike rides to come.

Stretchy water-repellent fabric, zipped vents and pockets, taped seams and a shapely tapered leg, there’s little more I could ask for from mountain bike trousers. If you want to know more, check out my full review here.

Available in sizes x.small to large, Endura Wms MT500 Spray trousers are available here for £110.

Alpkit Apogee Women’s Jacket

Alpkit is my go-to for camping supplies, and their new Apogee women’s jacket has certainly caught my eye.

It’s a packable, lightweight insulated jacket, designed with Scottish winters in mind. The hood is compatible with helmets; there are integrated wrist warmers and a dropped hem at the back. It’s fitted with a two-way zip which Alpkit claims to be for compatibility with a harness, but you could unzip to the top and make yourself a rather fetching cape.

Alpkit’s Apogee women’s jacket is available here for £160.

Booicore Changing Towel

Whether you’re a land mermaid or ocean goat, if you’re outdoors and in need of a change, you need this.

Made from 100% cotton towelling, these changing robes from Booicore are perfect for keeping you warm, dry and well covered for a quick car-park change.

Booicore’s changing robe is available here from £31.

SIGG Water Bottle

There’s been a tremendous growing awareness for the damage that single-use plastics are having on our environment. So ditch the plastic water bottles and grab something more permanent.

The Swiss company, SIGG, aims to reduce single-use plastic with their collection of aluminium drinks bottles. Free from harmful chemicals, such as estrogen-mimicking substances and phthalates, these containers are designed for safer and easier drinking.

A 1-litre capacity bottle starts at £17 here, with a wide range of colours to choose from their collection. See their full range and shop here.

Wee Cog bike bags

I prefer to strap my tools and essentials to my bike rather than wear it on my body, and for the past two years, my Wee Cogs bags have helped me do just that.

Offering frame bags, saddlebags, and accessory pouches, Wee Cog ensure each product is constructed from sturdy, high-quality fabrics and super secure straps and buckles to keep it rattle-free and safe.

See their full range of products on their website shop here.

Topeak Hexus X bicycle multi-tool

Another favourite of mine, and a personal go-to essential, a good quality multi-tool for when I’m out riding.

The Topeak Hexus X has everything you could need; two Phillips screwdrivers, spoke wrenches, wire chain hook, two plastic tire levers, Presta core tool and CrMo steel chain tool, secondary chain link fence, self-tightening tool and chain pin breaker. In total, that’s 21 tools weighing just 170g.

Available here for £13.

Outdoor multi-tool

Having a more outdoor-specific multi-tool can be invaluable for adventuring, and this set from Blue Mountain makes for an ideal gift.

The stainless steel multi-tool has eight useful functions: a carabiner clip, slot head screwdriver, file, bottle opener, small blade, cross head screwdriver, pliers and wire cutters. The accompanying utility knife comes equipped with a slot head screwdriver, a bottle opener, scissors, can opener, knife, corkscrew, cross head screwdriver, nail file & cleaner, and a keyring attachment.

Pick up this useful giftset here for £6.

Fenwicks bicycle cleaning kit

If there are any cleaning products you could get away with as a gift, it’s probably decent bike cleaner.

This essentials kit from Fenwicks not only does the job brilliantly (tried and tested), but it’s biodegradable environmentally friendly, and it smells lush. I even put some of the dilute bike wash in my screenwash for the car!

This kit includes 1-litre of bike cleaner, 95ml of concentrated bike cleaner, and 100ml of chain lube, and it’s available here for £17.

Sahmurai S.W.O.R.D tubeless repair kit

Going tubeless is a relatively cheap way to upgrade your bike, but fixing a puncture can still be a bit of a pain which often results in throwing a tube into the tyre to get you home.

The Sahmurai S.W.O.R.D. tubeless repair kit is an easy and compact way to repair a tubeless puncture. By using a twist-lock mechanism, everything you’ll need weighs just 40g and can be stored in your bar ends. One plug hosts the reamer, which is used to open up the puncture, the other holds the plug fork to push the repair plug through the hole. Easy peasy!

The Sahmurai S.W.O.R.D tubeless repair kit is available here for £25.

Micro Outdoors First Aid kit

Most people are reluctant to carry a first aid kit because it takes up precious space and because we’ve all probably thought at some point, “oh, it won’t happen to me“. The truth is, it can happen to you and if not you, then someone you’re with. Being an adventurous spirit exploring the outdoors can come with its hazards, so best be prepared.

I have this micro kit, and because it’s small, sealed and waterproof, I leave it in my kit bag, so I know it’s always there. This one from Lifesystems includes the very basics such as; safety pins, elasticated cohesive bandage, sun cream sachet, Micropor tape, alcohol-free wipes, dressing, Gauze Swabs, assorted plasters and closure strips.

This particular kit is available here for £17.

EVOC FR Enduro Women 16L

All adventurers need a good pack, and for mountain bikers, this one from EVOC is the ultimate explorer.

It’s a spacious 16L capacity pack which can accommodate a reservoir of up to 3L. Now, this bag is bursting with features; 2-step zip system, mobile phone pocket, key holder, signal whistle, sunglasses pocket, helmet carry, back protection, tool compartment and straps that are specifically designed for the female anatomy. What more could you need?

The EVOC FR Enduro Women 16L pack is available here for £108.

Knog Bicycle Bell

This small and mighty bell from Knog is the perfect compromise between cool and practicality.

Bicycle bells aren’t considered very “cool” in mountain biking, and some would argue that they’re not necessary. However, I’ve found them to be quite useful when transitioning on the road and fire roads because not everyone can hear the oh-so-sweet tones of your hubs. This low-profile bell from Knog is subtle and discreet in appearance, but it’s anything but when it rings!

For more information on Knogs range of products, head over to their website here. Otherwise, you can purchase one of their bicycle bells here.

Intrepid Magazine subscription

There’s been a real lack of women’s representation in the outdoor and extreme sports media, but fortunately, there are pockets of talent flourishing, and one of these pockets is Intrepid Magazine.

So inspire ideas and provide food for thought with a subscription to a magazine that’s all about women doing rad things; written by women, for women, about real women and not just glamorised models we commonly see in advertising.

Subscribe at £3/month for online access, and £5/month for print and online. Find out more here.

Shextreme Alliance membership

Here’s one for the creative minds out there. Those who love to tell stories and submerse themselves in photography, film-making, writing, poetry and more.

Launched at the Shextreme Film Festival in October 2018, the Shextreme Alliance is a supportive community to help nurture creative talents by training up the next generation of female adventure filmmakers. Membership includes some pretty rad things, such as;

  • 24/7 access to an online community group for advice; from honest jargon-free equipment recommendations to editing advice.
  • Gain valuable feedback from supportive members
  • Gather at the Annual Networking Reception for members only at Shextreme Film Festival
  • Ask the expert Q & A with a monthly masterclass series
  • Discussion on how women successfully carve out a career in adventure filmmaking, photography and media making
  • Access to a jobs board to increase opportunities
  • Receive online exposure for your work as featured members across our Shextreme channels and newsletters.
  • Discounts to attend Shextreme Film School @ Shextreme Film Festival
  • Complimentary Adventure Storytelling for Screen E-book 
  • Gain exclusive access to an adventure film every month to enjoy and watch, often made by our featured monthly experts.

For a limited time only, membership is £9.99/month (usually £19/month), and annual membership is £99/annum. Sign up here.

Double Fleece Melange blanket

Blankets are a total win with me, especially the super soft fleecy kind.

Great for camping trips, to keep in the car, or use for everyday use when the weather is rubbish, and you fancy getting cosy. This blanket is made from polyester with a Sherpa fleece layer for extra warmth and comfort.

Available in two colours; navy or grey, for £15 here.

Personalised OS maps

Do you both have a favourite trail? A special place where you went? Where you met? Or perhpas you both have a new adventure on the cards, getting a personalised OS Map is a lovely practical memento.

You can get a custom-made map from £17 here. But, for an additional cost, you can get your map printed on canvas for decoration too!

Freitag Jamie

I’m a sucker for a good bag and my Freitag Jamie hip bag is a-mazing!

Constructed from lorry tarpaulins and seatbelts, this is one robust little bag that is deceptively spacious. If, like me, you’re fed up of your handbag swinging across your body or dangling from your shoulder, hip bags are the way to go. Trust me. Oh, and because they’re made from reused parts, every single bag is totally unique, cool eh?

Available here for £95

Camden No.88 x KPP Cycling watch

Let’s round this up with a final piece of bling from The Camden Watch Company. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Casio W-86-1VQES, but having a beautiful dress watch for when I’m feeling fancy, is a must.

The gorgeous No.88 model is designed in collaboration with cyclist Kitty Pemberton-Platt, and it’s laced with subtle nods to cycling legacy. A spoke design in the centre of the dial, the jersey-style embossed letters on the strap and the gear-shaped crown, finished off with all the careful craftsmanship that you can expect from such a delicate timepiece. Read the full review here.

Available here from £149.

So there’s your epic gift guide for the adventure-seeking woman in your life. Off you go now, get shopping for those perfect gifts and make her feel as special as she is to you!