VeloGuide: What you Need to Know


Airbnb allows you to live like a local when you’re travelling. Uber gets you around places you’re not familiar with, and VeloGuide enables you to ride like a local wherever you go.

What these services all have in common is a community focus. People offering their homes up for places to stay, their vehicles and time for taxi services, and now, their bicycles and knowledge to provide excellent guided rides. VeloGuide is the all-new ride ‘n’ guide community booking service allowing you to connect with cycling enthusiasts around the world who can guide you around their local haunts.

After opening up their home to tourists who wanted to explore Mexico by bike, Joel Goralski and his wife’s small hobby-business soon expanded into a day-to-day operation with bike tours and rentals throughout the warm Mexican months.

However, what they noticed was that not all of their customers were avid cyclists, in fact, many were relatively new to the sport altogether with most being holidaymakers who took advantage of the quality bike hire, local area knowledge and, of course, a warm welcome. This venture planted the seed to develop a global network of cycling enthusiasts offering to guide all over the world. In 2017, VeloGuide was born to do just that.

VeloGuide founder, Joel Goralski

Since its inception, VeloGuide has grown quickly and significantly to operate in over 550 cities, in 64 countries with over 1,200 registered guides in their books, and these numbers are continuously increasing. What Joel and his team noticed is that once a barrier for their customers, especially the more inexperienced cyclists, was having the right equipment for their VeloGuide ride, this is where their newest feature comes into play, VeloLister.

It’s the latest addition to the VeloGuide package, a bike rental management software which can be used by bike shops and individuals around the globe. If you’re like many of us cycle-mad riders, then you probably have more than one bike knocking around your home. VeloLister allows you to register your bikes so that people can rent them from you, earning you a little extra cash on the side.

So with a dedicated team of locals offering guided rides and a bike rental facility to ensure you have the right bike for your journey, VeloGuide has become the one-stop-shop for your ultimate holiday cycling experience.

How to use VeloGuide

Here are just a few of the registered VeloGuides

Every time we consider going on holiday, we question whether we should take our bike, or not. On the one hand, we want to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the world back home, but on the other, we love to ride our bikes and a chance to do so in a new place is almost too tempting to resist. So, what if you could have the best of both worlds?

Hiring a VeloGuide and a bike via VeloLister allows you to venture off the beaten path to discover hidden gems of road and trail which you’d be lucky to find otherwise. Using a VeloGuide gives you access to their local knowledge, personal experiences and submerges you into their culture, for an unforgettable experience.

Getting started is simple. Head over to the VeloGuide website and create a profile. Once you’re signed up, you can browse all the destinations that the company operates in to find your holiday city.

Each destination will have a directory of registered guides in that area. Each profile provides more information about that guide, who they are, what kind of cycling is on offer, suggested routes and a contact form so you can inquire directly about bookings. VeloGuide processes all reservations and payments through their website, with each VeloGuide setting an individual rate.

Some guides will have a fleet of bikes for you to rent from, while others will help you find a bicycle either from a local bike shop or through the VeloLister service. As we all know, your bike and equipment can be personal, so it’s recommended you bring along anything that will make your ride more comfortable; saddle, helmet, shoes and pedals for example. However, you can chat directly with your VeloGuide to find out if there’s anything else you need to bring.

Once you have your guide and bike booked, you’re ready to ride!

Why book with VeloGuide

There are plenty of reasons why companies like VeloGuide work so well. They not only showcase the wonderful world of cycling, making it more accessible to the masses, but they connect people from all over the globe who want to share experiences and form lasting relationships. So, why you should consider hiring a VeloGuide for your next adventure:

  • You don’t need to travel with your bike because you can use VeloLister to hire one
  • Ride off the beaten path to discover new cycling gems
  • Absorb local area knowledge from your guide to enrich your holiday experience
  • Connect with new people and make friends around the world
  • There are plenty of destinations to choose from
  • Cycle safer in unfamiliar areas
  • You can even connect VeloGuide to your Strava (I knew that would sell it to you)

The VeloGuide app is available to download via Google Play and the App Store. If you fancy yourself as a guide, you can register to be a VeloGuide yourself and earn some pennies taking others out to enjoy your favourite routes.

VeloGuide isn’t just about holiday cycling; it’s about the community as well. You don’t have to be a professional cyclist with the fitness of an Olympian either; registered guides will create a route that’s suitable for your fitness and ability, without compromising on the quality and entertainment of the ride.

For more information on VeloGuide and to begin planning your next cycling adventure, head over to their website here where you can learn more and sign up. So, what are you waiting for?