AVBS Hosts Women’s Intro to MTB Day

The Afan Valley Bike Shed is hosting a whole day dedicated to introducing women to MTB, and tickets are on sale now!

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Women’s Action Sports Photography Workshop

Shextreme is hosting their first workshop at Pedalabikeaway to nurture aspiring action photographers.

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SDG Launch New Jr Pro Kit for Kids

The SDG Jr Pro Kit includes grips, pedals and saddles designed specifically for kids.

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Gowaan Gals

Gowaan Gals Women’s Mountain Bike Festival 2019

The Gowaan Gals are hosting a jam-packed women’s mountain bike festival at Farmer John’s next year, and tickets are available NOW!

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Welcome to Velo Me!

The likelihood is that you’ve happened upon Velo Me because you’re interested in mountain biking, women’s health, cats, me, or all of the above. So, grab a cuppa tea and enjoy!

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