Reviewed: Camden X KPP Cycling Watch

Swap out your smartwatch for something a little more elegant and classical for special occasions, like the Camden X KPP Cycling Watch.

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Endura wms mt500 spray trousers 06

Reviewed: Endura WMS MT500 Spray Trousers

Is the search finally over? Are the Endura WMS MT500 Spray Trousers the end to our mountain bike pantaloon crisis?

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Reviewed: SHREDLY Leggings

Do active leggings without the see-through worry really exist? Yep, and SHREDLY designs them. Read my full review and tattoo-test here.

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Pure Mountains Mountain Bike Holiday

Established by a British couple, Tim and Jenny in 2005, the Pure Mountains mountain bike holiday company was born in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Providing luxury trips, guided tours and amazing food, Pure Mountains offered exactly what I needed; a good time away with my bike. The Holiday Package So what’s included and for how […]

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poc vpd vs ixs flow knee pads

Reviewed: POC VPD Vs IXS Flow Knee Pads

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware of pain, and now, I’m all about the padding and being safe. Unlike my daring youth, if I break a bone I could face problems with work and be more inconvenienced than if I had to take a couple days off school and being known as the […]

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MET Parabellum

Reviewed: MET Parabellum Helmet

Once I had ordered my Canyon Spectral mountain bike, I immediately began the hunt for a helmet. I found this to be one of the most agonising MTB items to shop for. How many of you feel like you don’t have a normal shaped head? Well, me for one. I’ve never been a “hat person“, […]

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canyon spectral 6.0

Reviewed: Canyon Spectral 6.0 2015

This Canyon Spectral 6.0 is my first full suspension mountain bike, which I ordered directly from Canyon Bikes in February 2015. It peaked my interest not only because of the rich petrol frame colour, but the geometry of it. The aluminium frame looks so sleek, I just love the straight flow from top tube down […]

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