100% Brisker Gloves

brisker gloves

I don’t know about you, but once my hands go numb on a ride, it’s pretty much game over. The feeling, or lack thereof, in my fingers, leaves me unable to feel my levers or shift gears which ultimately craps on my confidence, and leaves my hands pretty sore, which is why having a good pair of warm gloves is one of the only things to see me through winter riding.

Of course, when brands say their winter warmers are the new miracle saviour that I’ve been waiting for, I’m only too keen to give them a try. It beats having to layer my hands with liners and outers as much as I layer my body. One such brand to brag about their winter mitts is 100% who claim that “Mother Nature has met her match…” with their Brisker gloves.

100% Brisker Gloves

Designed to keep your hands warm in cooler weather, the Brisker gloves from 100% have been constructed with a stretchy neoprene cuff, accompanied by a velcro fastener to achieve a secure fit. Reflected graphics help you stay seen and Silicone printed palm graphics help maintain a good grip in damp conditions.

The body of the gloves themselves is produced from a lightly insulated soft-shell fabric, moisture wicking microfibre lining and a single layer Clarion palm for additional comfort. However, 100% hasn’t specified to what range of temperatures these gloves are suitable for, so that was for me to find out…

100% Brisker Gloves: Verdict

Ok, so the 100% Brisker gloves are mega comfortable and although the neoprene cuff can feel a little snug when getting them on and off, it’s a great draught-stopper, and the stretchiness of the material means it doesn’t suffocate at the wrists.

The upper material is padded, not so much for impact protection, but certainly for weather protection, and the occasional abrasion against a rogue nettle bush. However, the Clarion palm is quite thin, less insulating, with less padding which is where I feel the Brisker loses its battle with Mother Nature. Sure, I can feel the grips well through them, but the thinness of the material seems to negate the efforts of these being warm winter gloves. If they had a little more windproof protection and thicker palm material, then these gloves would be pretty close to ideal.

For more information on the 100% Brisker gloves, head over to 100%’s website.

For around £20, these gloves are certainly warmer than general mountain bike gloves. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit most riders, and they do a good job of keeping the cold temperatures at bay. However, if you’re prone to cold hands or you ride in seriously chilly conditions, perhaps think about coupling the Brisker gloves with a liner pair underneath.

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