Five Ten Trail Cross Mid Pro Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Trail Cross Mid Pro Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoe or a hiking boot? That was my first thought when opening the box to a fresh pair of Five Ten Trail Cross Mid Pro Mountain Bike Shoes (the longest shoe name on the planet). Lockdown has given me a lot of things, one of which was time to test these bad boys out.

Adidas acquired Five Ten a few years back but more recently, we’ve seen crossovers between the Adidas Terrex range and Five Ten. The birthchild from the marriage of these two brands is a shoe that’s designed to function great on the trail, offering traction and support, and off the bike, offering comfort and durability. Constructed with Stealth® Phantom rubber for the sole, technology we’ve seen models over from Five Ten, these shoes are surprisingly lightweight. Well, lighter than I was expecting from a boot-style shoe.

Five Ten Trail Cross

Between injury and missing bike parts, I began reviewing the Five Ten Trail Cross shoes like hiking boots. Venturing off into the Afan wilderness during lockdown was effortless. I don’t usually like being active in “boots”, as a personal preference, I prefer not to have my ankle enclosed (some might say, supported). However, over time, I began to feel grateful for the additional support and protection for my ankles and didn’t find them to be a hindrance whatsoever.

When one of my bikes became rideable, the hiking switched to pedalling and I can honestly say that the Five Ten Trail Cross Mid Pro Mountain Bike shoes felt at home on my pedals (DMR Vault Midis, in case you were wondering). The grip is what I have come to expect from Five Ten, and the breathability is pretty good too. Unlike Five Ten’s Impact Pro shoes, which are bombproof, the Trail Cross’ aren’t as stiff but they are more compliant.

Five Ten Trail Cross

Overall, I think these shoes are great for versatile riders who are on the bike as much as they are off. Bike packing, adventuring, or even for casual wear, the Five Ten Trail Cross Mid Pro Mountain Bike shoes won’t look out of place. However, there are two features that let these shoes down for me. The first one is the spaghetti laces, which are thin and almost waxy, and because these are boots, you have to do the laces up properly for a snug fit, which sometimes feels like these laces are going to snap. Secondly, the gap between the outer shoe cuff and the inner neoprene cuff collects A LOT of trail debris, which can then be uncomfortable and a right pain to scoop out. Despite those two minor irks, I do really like these shoes. Although they probably won’t be my go-to pair for riding, they are now my go-to for adventure walks.

For more information on the Five Ten Trail Cross Mid Pro MTB shoes, head over to the Adidas website where you can also purchase a pair for £130.

Photos by Scott Windsor

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