BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board

BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board

It really does go without saying that riding a bike requires balance and riding a mountain bike, requires core. These two areas are often neglected when it comes to working out because it’s easy to believe that you have good balance because you can ride a bike. However, it’s more about being body-aware, familiarising yourself with how your body moves and works so that you can feel strong and in control. To help me work on my core and balance, I have a BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board.

Founded in 2015 by “two physiotherapists who were looking to find ways to keep their patients motivated”… “BoBo created a device that brought physical therapy, fitness and balance training into the modern world.” Designed for professional athletes, the Bobo core trainer balance board is also ideal for physical therapy patients, children with attention issues, and anyone who is looking for a great core workout. The board communicates with the free Bobo Home app via Bluetooth, which then allows you to select a workout routine with varying time and difficulty options. There is a bunch of free games to play via the app also, making your workout a little bit more interesting and engaging. After each workout or game, you’re given a breakdown of how well your balance is and where you may need to improve.

BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board

Inside the box is a 15″ wooden board with Bluetooth sensor and magnetic charging port, a USB charging cable, extra-thick balance cushion and a small hand-held air pump. After unpacking the box, I immediately popped the board on charge and used the air pump to inflate the cushion to the desired pressure. Once the board had a full battery, I installed the free app on my phone (works with both iOS and Android) and got started with the suggested exercises and routines. The anti-slip grip tape is great for keeping your feet in the right place. While I did wobble around and lose balance a lot, the short workout routines and fun games do make this quite addictive because you want to beat your previous score, or achieve a certain goal, pose or exercise that otherwise would have seemed impossible.

After some time using the Bobo core trainer balance board, I definitely feel a difference in my core fitness, which is proven by the small gains from my workout results. One really great aspect of the Bobo balance board is the versatility of it. You can use it for your legs and your arms if you want to exercise different muscle groups, and the app offers exercises along with demonstrations to ensure you’re getting the most from your workout. You can purchase your Bobo Core Trainer Balance Board here for £119, and if you use JESSICA5, you’ll get an extra 5% at checkout (until Dec 31st, 2020)!

For a quick demonstration of how to use the Bobo board and app, check out my Instagram video here.

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