Cube All Mountain Apparel for Women

Cube All Mountain Apparel for Women

For being such a huge brand with a wide variety of bikes and apparel, in the UK, Cube Bikes can often get overlooked. However, not only do their latest range of mountain bikes, like the Stereo 150, look totally badass, but Cube’s All Mountain apparel for women is really something that deserves attention also.

The reason I’m loving Cube’s All Mountain collection at the moment is for a few reasons. Firstly, their colour choices are great. With stealth black, muted earthy tones and lighter pastel colours, there’s really something for every preference, and these are available in both long and short sleeve options. The jackets and mid-layers are the same as the men’s, no difference in quality, materials whatsoever, just the fit and sizes. And then we have the fabrics themselves. Cube has taken great care to select the very best performance-focussed fabrics for mountain bikers. Lightweight, flexible and breathable with detailing that add a quality finish. For these reasons, I was stoked to get out on the trails and put this new collection to the test.

Cube All Mountain Women’s Collection

Arguably the hardest piece of kit for a brand to get right are shorts. Cube’s solution to our woes is to design a pair of baggy shorts with a more casual fit, constructed from nylon and elastane. These shorts are also fitted with two zipped pockets for safe storage, Velcro waist tabs for an adjustable fit and reinforced panels on the saddle and inner thigh areas.

The round-neck All Mountain jersey is constructed from polyester, a common material used in mountain bike apparel for its lightweight and breathable properties. It’s designed to have a baggy fit with a feminine cut, ensuring it provides full coverage, especially when you’re hanging off the back wheel.

The Cube All Mountain Storm Jacket is a full waterproof layer to finish off the collection. You’ll never use a weather excuse to not ride again with this piece. With DWR coating on 2.5 layers of technical fabric, adjustable hood, taped seams, hidden stash pockets and underarm ventilation ports, the Storm jacket has everything you need to stay dry, even in the most challenging of riding conditions.

Cube All Mountain Women’s Collection: Verdict

Cube All Mountain Apparel for Women

Let’s start in order as above: Shorts. Cube’s All Mountain baggy shorts for women are made from a pretty nice abrasion resistance material, making it feel durable, yet flexible. However, I found the fit to be totally off for me. While they fitted around my waist comfortably, I found these shorts too short on my leg, and the crotch area hung low, couple those two factors together, I felt that I was riding in short shorts when sat down and pedalling. It’s a shame because if it wasn’t for the fit, I’d love these as every-ride trail shorts.

Retailing for £120 and available in sizes X.Small to XXX.Large, more information on these shorts can be found over on Cube’s website here.

The All Mountain long-sleeve jersey is super comfortable to ride in, it’s breathable and cool against the skin. It has a smooth silky sheen to the material which is pleasant, and doesn’t snag as easily as regular polyester material. The fit is shapely, yet baggy and what’s best, is that is washes really well to accompany me on many miles of trail riding.

Available in sizes X.Small to XXX.Large, this long-sleeve jersey comes in five colour options and a short-sleeve option also. More information can be found here.

Cube’s Storm Jacket is pretty awesome. It’s thin and light but provides a great barrier to both wind and rain. The thin nylon material makes it great for rolling down small and stuffing into your pack, however, it’s also the type of material that crinkles and stays looking crinkled for a while. The hood provides great coverage, and it’s adjustable, but I didn’t feel it was large enough to cover both my head and helmet while leaving enough slack to move my head freely when riding.

Available in one colour option, black/grey, Cube’s All Mountain Storm jacket is available in sizes X.Small to XXX.Large. More information can be found here.

It’s great to see a brand pay attention to a women’s collection equal to that as their men’s collection, ensuring that options and colourways are so similar, if not the same. That speaks volumes for the growth and direction of inclusivity for mountain biking.
The All Mountain collection from Cube has some wonderful features, excellent jerseys and weatherproof jackets, but their shorts fall, well, too short for me.

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