Endura Women’s MT500; How Waterproof is it?

Endura Women's MT500

Photos by Scott Windsor

Ok, I’ll be one of the first to admit, I’ve grown to dislike miserable weather riding. I could blame it on how prone to earaches I am, or how my knees are agony when they’re cold, but really, wet-weather riding is just so much extra FAFF! Saying that, I do love to ride my bike and if I didn’t, I’d go nuts so I welcome any component, garment or promise from a brand who says they can help me hate poor weather just that little bit less. The Endura Women’s MT500 waterproof collection has been evolving over the years, and with the sweet new autumnal colourways and guarantee of dryness, I was excited to see if this kit could help me enjoy the foul weather riding.

Endura is proud to sponsor some incredible mountain bike talent including the Athertons, Danny MacAskill and Morgane Charre. They’re also the brand responsible for the MT500 Spray trousers, which I still wear a lot to this day! To add to my Endura wardrobe, I’ve been embracing the elements in their new women’s MT500 Waterproof jacket and MT500 Spray shorts for 2020. Straight up, these colours are amazing and I’ve received so many compliments on the yellow/mustard colour of the jacket – and I agree, it’s lush.

Endura Women’s MT500 Waterproof Jacket

Starting off at the top, we have the new MT500 Waterproof jacket. I’ve already gushed over the colourway, so let’s move on to the (less) important stuff!

Endura describes this jacket as; “monster breathability, monster durability and packed full of all of the features needed for a fiendishly fun foul weather mountain bike epic.” – sounds promising. If there’s one thing I can always rely on, it’s rain in Wales so it didn’t take long for an opportunity to arise for testing. Constructed from ExoShell40DR 3-Layer waterproof fabric and MadeKind’ fabric, this jacket has two zipped pockets on the front, a secret one on the inside and a small sleeve pocket for lift passes and such. As the jacket is well waterproofed, Endura has ensured that breathability is still optimal for riding. Ensuring that you don’t overheat are two large underarm vents which zip open/closed to allow airflow to circulate around your body.

As this is a proper waterproof jacket, I coupled it with one of Endura’s baselayers underneath and no jersey. So far, the temperature has allowed me to get away with these two layers, and it’s been great. However, there is plenty of room to layer up further when the temperatures dip further into the season. As for waterproofness, this jacket is near impenetrable. Showers, drizzles and full-on rain didn’t manage to penetrate to my base layer, which is a sure way to test its ability to prevent water from seeping in.

Available in two colours, the Endura Women’s MT500 Waterproof Jacket is available in sizes XS to XXL. It retails for £230 from Endura’s website, which may sound like a lot of money, but it’s really not when it comes to investing in quality waterproof clothing.

Endura Women’s MT500 Spray Shorts

Moving on down the body, we have the MT500 Spray Shorts. Now, Endura does say that “spray” means water-repellent, not waterproof. Complimenting the yellow of the jacket, these deep red shorts look great.

Endura lovingly describes this creation as “the mutant offspring of a waterproof and standard baggy short” – LOL, but I see what they mean. Constructed from lightweight, durable, 4-way stretch fabric with DWR finish, these shorts have a 3-layer seam taped rear panels for spray protection, a wicking waistband with Velcro side tabs to adjust the waist to fit.

So, these shorts have been to Madeira and back, caked in dirt, rainwater and all the other lovely trail conditions to name. I’ve grown really fond of these shorts, largely owing to how well they fit and the length. They’re really comfortable to ride in and the Velcro tabs make it easy for me to cinch in the waist so my knickers aren’t on display for the world to see. When it comes to water, these shorts are great for puddle splashing and showers, as they are a Spray short, but in proper downpours, they did get wet through – which was to be expected. They wash and re-wash really well, holding up their shape and colour, but if you did want to ensure they remain water repellent, then Endura does sell a Re-Proofing Spray.

For me, I really like these shorts as they firmly plant themselves within my general go-to pile of riding wear. The Endura MT500 Spray shorts are available in sizes XS to XL, in black or red and can be purchased directly from Endura for £80.

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