Fox Racing Women’s Summer MTB 2020 Collection

Photos by Scott Windsor

Should I even jog your memory that 2020 had a start to its year? Certainly doesn’t feel like the year kicked off at all, which is why this review has taken me so long to get out online. At the start of the Spring/Summer season, Fox sent me out the most purple of care packages you’ll have ever seen; the Fox Racing Women’s Summer MTB 2020 collection. However, lockdown scuppered up my plans to thoroughly test all pieces of the collection, until the travel restrictions eased up enough for me to head out to the mountains of Morzine. After five weeks of thorough testing, here are my thoughts on the Fox Racing Women’s MTB collection SS 2020.

Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Full Face Helmet

Starting at the top then, the Fox RPC full-face helmet is a staple of their protective collection, favoured by the pros and awed by us less-pro-like people. For all the tech info, head to Fox’s page who has all the details.

This is my first new full-face in around 4-years, and to be honest, I don’t wear them that often. The Afan valley with all its trails and off-piste gnarl, doesn’t really warrant a full-face, but the Alps does! All my mountain bike helmets are based on a size of 56cm, which usually puts me in the medium category. However, with Fox’s size chart, it turned out I was a small and I’m very pleased to have checked this because this helmet is snug, and that’s what you want. There’s no quicker way to lose confidence on the trail than to have your head protection rocking and rolling around!

At first, I found the RPC to be uncomfortable with too much pressure on the sides of my head, but the inside of this helmet has wee circular removable liquid-like pads which I adjusted where the pressure was, et voila, comfort ensued. The fit is spot on, the helmet doesn’t move and the well-placed ventilation meant that my noggin didn’t overheat, even in the blistering Morzine sunshine. To go with the RPC, Fox sent me out their Vue goggles which fit perfectly. They came with a tinted lens which is great on bright days, however, I would have expected them to have thrown in a clear lens also. On cloudier days, I did have to use another pair of goggles with a clear lens, just so I could see!

The RPC was £460, but it’s been dropped on their website to £368. That’s still a lot of money to part with but if you’re someone who rides park or wants that protective reassurance, you won’t have to buy another full-face helmet for quite some time! As for the Fox Vue goggles, these were £110 but have also been dropped to £71.50.

Fox Women’s Defend Kevlar Pant

Fox Racing Women's Speedframe MTB helmet white 04

The Fox women’s Defend Kevlar pants have been around for a few years now, and this year we were treated with a new colourway: purple. So, I totally ballsed up by getting the wrong size and these were far too big for me, around 2″ on the waist too big, so I had a little struggle catching them on my saddle, whoops! Aside from my body-dysmorphic issues, I really like these pants! The ratchet closure was quick to use and secure, while the two zipped pockets on the side were also secure, and they could just about fit my phone (Huwaiaiaii P-something Pro).

Tapered at the ankles, these pants were worn on most of my uplift days in Morzine (because that’s what the cool kids were wearing). Despite their size, I could easily fit my knee pads under with plenty of room to spare, so I’m confident with the right size, I would have been fine on this front too.

During my summer in Morzine, I did have two involuntary lie-downs wearing the Fox women’s Defend Kevlar pants, and I came away relatively unscathed, and so did the pants. Although, they did suffer a slight tear on the front where the key in my pocket poked through.

These pants are very much your bike park pantaloons and I probably wouldn’t pedal in these very much, unless it was a freezing cold day. Saying that, winter is coming… Available in sizes XS-XL, these pants are available for £145. Of course, my biggest advice, check your measurements first!

Fox Women’s Attack Short

Fox racing women's mtb shorts

The Fox women’s Attack shorts are perhaps my favourite pair at the moment. Yes, they’re still slightly too big, but the wide elastic waistband is super comfortable and helped keep them around my waist, and not my butt!

These shorts are super stretchy, well-ventilated and most importantly, long enough! With deep zipped pockets on either side and the same quick and easy rachet enclosure, these are definitely my new go-to shorts for all-mountain trail riding.

So, the Fox website has these short in a pine colourway for £85, which means the black ones have probably sold out – I’m really not surprised!

Fox Speedframe MTB Helmet

Admittedly, I used to hate white apparel in mountain biking, but I’m a changed woman when it comes to helmets. The Fox Speedframe trail lid is not only stylish, super comfortable and really well ventilated, but it looks sick in white! Another new go-to piece for my collection, the Speedframe is compatible with the Vue goggles, has a three-position visor and is super adjustable. Not only does the retention wheel dial in the fit, but you can unclip and adjust the height of the inner cage so it cradles your head securely.

There are three available sizes, small-large and in this case, I selected a medium-size which is spot on (again, I advise you to consult the size chart). With many different colourways to choose from, including a Zoolander inspired Blue Steel, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Ok, so I may have buggered up my sizing on the pants and shorts, but all that aside, I don’t think my summer in Morzine would have been quite nearly as fun, stylish and, most of all, safe if it wasn’t for the Fox Racing Women’s 2020 collection. Although Fox is on the pricier side of the budget spectrum, it seems like the quality of their products has actually improved over the years. Worn and washed multiple times, logos remain intact along with seams and ratchet fasteners which were once, let’s say, not so durable.

I’m heading back to the UK with a collection that’ll now see me through the winter months, ready to take on the Welsh slop and (hopefully) withstand the demands of my accident-prone riding style.

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