Fox Women’s Defend Kevlar Pant

Fox Women's Defend Kevlar Pant 04

The most common pain-in-the-arse thing about women’s specific mountain bike shorts is that they’re usually too short, leaving us with a rather eye-catching thigh-gap of uncoolness. So, what are we to do? Well, trousers are always an option.

For the winter, I rode mostly in my Endura WMS MT500 Spray trousers and that’s because they were thick, warm and offered some protection again water. However, as the months have grown warmer, these pants have remained in the wardrobe and I went in search of something more weather appropriate. This was right around the time of Fox launched their Fox Women’s Defend Kevlar Pant.

With the likes of athlete fashionista, Tahnée Seagrave, on their side, it’s great to see Fox experiment a little with their colourways, designs and variety of women’s offering. These new women’s pants are designed to offer full coverage, total mobility and tough construction to withstand even the gnarliest of trails. With a blend of Spandex, Nylon, Polyester and Kevlar, these trousers offer all-way stretch and a close fit for comfort. The ratchet closure is nothing new for Fox, a feature they hold dear on their shorts and trousers, but it does offer a secure fit and incremental adjustments.

The fit is strange (on me), because these size medium pants fitted well on my waist and bum, then billowed a little around my thighs and calves, only to get super tight around my ankles. Now, The ankle thing isn’t too bad because it’s nice not having the cuffs catch on anything, they’re stretchy too so they aren’t uncomfortable. Saying all this, however, when actually riding on the bike, the bagginess doesn’t really matter and they’re pretty comfortable to ride in.

The material is quite thin in some places which is great for keeping you cool, assisted by the laser cut-out holes for ventilation. However, these are not warm trousers, in case you were thinking of winter riding or are happy to layer up with tights underneath. For me, these trousers are ideal for bike parks, summer months to protect you from midges and general riding shenanegans.

Fox Women’s Defend Kevlar Pant: Verdict

The Fox Women’s Defend Kevlar Pant retails from £110 upwards, depending on where you’re shopping. However, that still puts these in the upper end of the budget scale, when you compare them to the Endura Women’s MT500 Spray trousers which retail for around £95, or the Burner pants at £85.
Like previous generations of Fox kit, the logos look rad until you wash them a few times and they begin to peel, crack and eventually, come off the garment altogether.
While I like the design of these pants, the fit wasn’t quite right for me. With the baggy thighs resembling bloomers, I didn’t enjoy wearing these as much as I have other pants I’ve ridden in.
Saying that though, it’s frickin’ refreshing to see a pair of stylish, clean and thought-out mountain bike trousers FOR WOMEN!

For more information on the Fox Women’s Defend Kevlar Pant, head over to their website here.

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