How Easy to use are the Schwalbe Tubeless Kit and Tire Booster?

how to tubeless gravel bike schwalbe tire booster schwalbe easy tubeless kit

Whether it’s a road, gravel or mountain bike, going tubeless is arguably one of the cheapest upgrades you can treat your bike to. Not only does tubeless allow you to run lower tyre pressures, which in turn provide a greater contact point with the ground, but running a tubeless setup will drastically reduce the number of pinch-flats you get. In the video below, I use Schwalbe’s Easy Tubeless Kit and a Schwalbe Tire Booster to see just how easy, or not easy, going tubeless really is. Enjoy!

If you have any questions about the Schwalbe’s products or going tubeless, please leave them in the video’s comments and I’ll reply ASAP.

Schwalbe Easy Tubeless Kit = £40
Schwalbe Tire Booster = £45

Photos and YouTube video by Scott Windsor

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