Knog PWR Mountain Bike Light

Knog PWR Mountain Bike Light

If you’ve not already tried it, night riding is incredibly fun. Take your favourite trail and flip it on its head, and that’s what it feels like when you ride it in the dark. All those memorable features and mile markers are shrouded in the shadow of your bike lights, and all of our other senses become dramatically enhanced.

Of course, to have a fun, safe and successful night riding experience, you need some good lights. I don’t mean generic bike lights that you can pick up for a few quid from Tesco either, I mean, gooood lights. A typical night riding set-up will consist of both a helmet light and a handlebar light. The handlebar light is typically more powerful and will illuminate the trail ahead, while the helmet light is less powerful, but tracks your eyeline which is ideal for cornering and looking around you.

There are a couple of key things to consider with bike lights, and one of those is the number of lumens the light can emit. A Lumen is the amount of light emitted from a source and to give you an example, one birthday candle at a distance of one foot away, emmits one lumen of light. For mountain biking, you’ll need a light that can emit at the very least, 1,000 lumens of light. Fortunately for me, the new Knog PWR Mountain Bike Light outputs a whopping 2,000 lumens!

Knog PWR Mountain Bike Light

Australian born components brand, Knog, first introduced their PWR modular range a few years ago. This idea allows users to switch ‘n’ click their power banks with different light attachments, ideal if you commute to work, and if you shred the trails. The power bank also serves as a handy USB charger as well, so if you’re out camping an need to charge your devices, you can do so without taking additional items.

The PWR Mountain Bike light weighs 355g and emits up to 2,000 lumens of light in a circular beam for a flood-lighting effect. There are six modes of light which can be easily adjusted with a twist-head function, so there are no buttons to press with wet muddy gloves.

The 10000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery is compatible with the small, medium and large light-heads from the Knog PWR range. Another great feature of the PWR mountain bike light is the ability to programme your light preferences by plugging the light-head into the computer and downloading the ModeMaker app.

Included in the box is a male-female USB cable, side mount, spacers, micro USB cable and Allen key for fitting purposes.

Run times vary depending on the light mode you’re using. For example, on max light mode, at 2,000 lumens, you can expect to get 2-hrs of run time. Mid-mode emits 500 lumens for around 9-hrs, and on Eco-Flash mode at 150 lumens, you can expect your light to run for approximately 200-hours.

Knog PWR Mountain Bike Light: Verdict

From its sleek and minimal exterior, the Knog PWR Mountain Bike like is a pretty cool piece of kit. I love the modular concept of being able to change light-heads and using the power bank for charging your electronics, it’s a great idea!

Installing the mount was a doddle, with spacers provided, the mount will fit most (if not all) different diameters of handlebar. The light then simply slides into place, and secured using the dial underneath that holds it in position. To use the light is really quite simple, a slight twist of the head turns it on, and then each subsequent twist moves through the light modes. Because of the smooth twist action and rigid grooves, it’s incredibly easy to change modes while riding as well – no annoying or awkward button locating, and smashing.

The LED lights on top of the device indicate how much battery is left in the power bank, so you know when you need to conserve your battery and when you need to charge up.

For more information on Knog’s PWR mountain bike light, head over to their website.

For €200, you get 2,000 lumens output on a 10,000 mAh battery with a run time of 2 to 200-hours. While you can get MTB lights that output double the amount of lumens, I didn’t find that I needed any more than what the PWR mountain bike light was capable of.

Because of the battery capacity, the unit does weigh more than similar models on the market, but I didn’t find the additional weight to be cumbersome or even make that much of a difference. If anything, it was reassuring that I had more power in store, so I didn’t feel the need to keep charging it all the time.

For the price, the specifications and versatility of this mountain bike light, you’ll be hard pressed to find something as good for your money elsewhere.

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