Lazer Coyote MIPS MTB Helmet

Lazer Coyote MIPS MTB Helmet

I’ve written quite a few helmet reviews over the years, and I’m always happy to do so because, for me, helmets are the most important item to invest in when it comes to mountain biking – aside from the bike itself! It’s almost impossible to make educated decisions on which helmet to buy when you can’t try them on first, or even see it in person, which is why I think reviewing a variety of helmets is pretty important – the more info out there on any one model, the better educated you can be when investing in a new lid. So for this piece, it’s all about the new Lazer Coyote MIPS MTB helmet.

How protective is your mountain bike helmet?

Now, I know what you’re thinking already, “Lazer, really?” – Yes, really. And I’m stoked to say, it’s about time Lazer produced a decent mountain bike helmet. For years gone by, Lazer has been prevalent in the road cycling industry, dabbling in entry-level trail lids and general-purpose helmets, but their mountain bike specific models have always seemed a little lack-lustre…. until now. Introduced earlier this year were two new trail helmets, the Coyote and the Impala. I’ve been wearing the Coyote with MIPS for a few months now, so figured it was time to write it up.

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Aside from the traditional blend of EPS foam and durable plastic construction, the Coyote MIPS helmet features a TS+ fit system which enables you to dial in a relatively snug and comfortable fit, without fear of the system loosening off unexpectedly. The rear of the helmet is designed to hold your goggle strap firmly in place, while the open front allows space to store goggles and glasses when they’re not in use. This helmet is also compatible with TS+ LED lights if you’re ever cycling in low-light conditions and need to be seen.

Lazer Coyote MIPS MTB Helmet: Verdict

Aesthetically, I really dig this helmet. It’s matte black with one bold logo down the side. The high-quality finish and detail make this helmet feel great in the hands, and for me, I find beauty in simplicity – Less is more, after all!

It’s impossible for me to give a proper description of fit, as we all have different shaped heads. However, I’m a 56cm and in this model, I wear a medium size. It has a lovely cradle feel, secure and comfortable when fitted properly. Another helmet that my head gets on well with is the Giro Montara(o), as a point of reference. How I know that I like a helmet is when I don’t think about it on a ride, and the Lazer Coyote lid is one that didn’t enter my thoughts. Once properly fitted, I didn’t need to think about it again – a great sign, further supported by the fact that when I head out for a ride, I immediately reach for this lid above any other at the moment. The helmet breathes well with its ventilation system and I think it looks pretty cool!

As previously mentioned, Lazer introduced both the Coyote and the Impala model which have a couple of key differences: The Impala is 40g lighter, has one additional vent and has brow vents incorporated. It also has an adjustable visor, a slightly different fit system and has a 5-shell construction, rather than 2, like the Coyote. Because the Impala has a slightly improved spec, the Lazer Impala MIPS helmet retails for £120, whereas the Lazer Coyote MIPS helmet retails for £90.

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