Leatt Women’s DBX MTB Collection

leatt women's dbx mtb mountain bike collection

Words by Jessica Strange (me, obvs)
Photos by Scott Windsor

It’s funny how much you miss doing something when you can no longer do it. A few months back, I came off the bike and broke my left arm in three places. Soon after the cast came off, the world is gripped by a global health crisis and put many countries in lockdown, including the mountain bike trails in the Afan Valley; bloody sod’s law, that is. Taking my physio’s advice to stay clear of steep and rough terrain until my arm is properly healed, I’ve been having an absolute blast spinning the legs on my Marin Nicasio 2 gravel bike. During the lockdown, Leatt delivered their new blue-ranger women’s collection, the women’s DBX 2.0 kit.

Leatt also does a wicked little hip pack – check out the review!

Unlike many brands who pathetically define a ‘collection’ as being a jersey and matching bottoms in one colourway, Leatt has put together an actual collection for women which include L/S and S/S jerseys, matching trail shorts, gloves and a lightweight jacket in two bold colourways. Like so many mountain bikers, I get a warm rush of enthusiasm when I’m wearing kit that fits well, feels good and looks even better; it’s confidence-inspiring! So, you can imagine my stoke levels when the Leatt women’s DBX collection arrived in an all matching mint green colour.

Leatt women’s DBX 2.0 jersey

Starting at the top, Leatt’s DBX 2.0 women’s long sleeve jersey isn’t your typical polyester sports garment. It’s soft, like really soft. It’s more like a tech-tee than a jersey but nonetheless lightweight, very breathable and the fit is really quite nice. There’s a microfibre glasses/goggle wipe which is sewn on the inside of the hem, but otherwise, this is a simple, cleanly constructed jersey. What I do love about this top is the gentle scoop on the neckline. I bleedin’ hate a tight collar or just one that touches the front of my neck, so having this extra room is welcomed. As I’m British and totally useless at layering properly, I like the sleeves on jerseys to be less restrictive so I have the option of hiking up the sleeves when it’s warm. I can happily report back that this jersey allows for scrunching up to the elbows. Find out more about this jersey here. For size reference, I’m a UK 8/10 and a size small fits well on me.

Leatt women’s DBX 2.0 shorts

Shorts. Arguably the most contested piece of kit amongst female mountain bikers; length, pockets, fabrics, colours, length, length and more length.
Leatt’s DBX 2.0 shorts for women have genuinely become my new go-to for trail shorts. Partly due to losing so much weight that my older kit doesn’t fit anymore, but mostly because these shorts are wicked comfortable. Constructed from a 4-way stretch material with an all-weather protective coating, these shorts two zipped side pockets, big enough to snuggly fit my Huawei P30 Pro phone which measures 2.89″ x 6.22″. The waist has two discrete elastic waist tabs to help adjust the fit and using these myself to cinch the waist in a little, I can safely say that once the Velcro is firmly pressed, they’re not coming undone on your ride. Find out more about these shorts here. For reference, I’m wearing a size small which measures a waist of 25-26″.

Leatt DBX 1.0 GripR Gloves

Finishing off my kit are the Leatt DBX 1.0 Women’s GripR gloves. Designed to be super light and breathable, these gloves are Leatt’s first non-impact protective glove which features all-new MicronGrip palm technology. Featuring a lens and sweat wiper on the thumb, these gloves are really comfortable, stretchy and thin. They help protect your hands from getting sunburnt while offering grip on your bars. Do you know how I know I like these gloves? because I didn’t even consider them when I was riding.

leatt women's dbx mtb mountain bike collection 02

In addition to my blue power ranger Leatt kit, they also dropped off a pair of their new DBX 3.0 flat shoes. Unfortunately, after the first ride, I realised I need a larger pair so I haven’t been able to review these in any great depth. However, I can say that if want a lightweight shoe with a medium/stiff sole, then you should take a look at these. I also submerged these shoes in the river for funsies and while they are NOT waterproof, my feet remained pretty dry! More information on these shoes can be found here.

Verdict: Leatt Women’s DBX MTB Collection

Well, what can I say? Ok, I haven’t been able to test the kit out on proper mountain bike trails (because of lockdown), but I have been out climbing my legs off on Afan’s fire roads. Honestly, I do really like the DBX collection, especially the shorts! I’ve washed and re-worn each item a couple times and I can safely say, the kit still looks as fresh as new. Definitely my current favourite!