Liv Sylvia SL Women’s Saddle

You don’t need me to tell you how much of a literal butt-ache it can be to find a saddle that’s right for you. In my years of riding bikes, I’ve gone through many saddles trying to find “the one”, but it’s challenging to know what shape and size suits you, and which one is better for your discipline of riding. Unlike road cycling where you’re in the saddle a lot, mountain biking can throw your body into all sorts of shapes out of the saddle, but when you’re on a slog of a climb, you need a supportive perch for spinning in the granny ring. Seeing how it fairs against the arduous fire roads of the Afan Valley, I put the new Liv Sylvia SL women’s mountain bike saddle to the test.

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Tried and extensively tested by Liv athletes and ambassadors, the Sylvia SL women’s saddle features padded edges, a flexible saddle base, a longer nose for control and a slight downward tilt on the nose. All of these features are designed to provide support and comfort, whatever the trail throws your way. Using Particle Control technology, the Sylvia SL benefits from free-flowing particles which are inserted into two separate pockets within the saddle structure. The particles mould to your pelvic shape, reducing pressure points by more than 20% and distributing pressure across a broader contact area.

When it comes to saddles, there is no one-for-all. Everyone has varying anatomy, including men so what works for me, may not work for you and visa versa. However, I can report back that this saddle is firm and well sculpted. I know I have wide sit-bones so, for me, the 150mm width is ideal for supporting both my sit-bones while pedalling. I really couldn’t go any less than 150mm though! The length is longer than I’m used to, with a measurement of 277mm for the Liv. While I did notice the additional length, I didn’t find it cumbersome or inconvenient at all. Saying that, due to the dip in the nose and scoop of the cradle, I did find myself slipping forward a little which warranted a placement adjusted after my first ride.

If you’re looking for a firm saddle that offers a great deal of support for your mountain bike antics, then seriously consider the Liv Sylvia SL women’s mountain bike saddle.

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