MET Echo MTB Helmet

MET Echo Helmet

Arguably the most important piece of protection for a mountain biker is the helmet. Its primary purpose is to protect your head from impact should you come off your bike, I’m sure we’ve all done it and it’s not nice. Most bikeparks and trail centres enforce a strict ‘no helmet, no ride‘ policy, and the nature of the sport dictates that it’s a good idea to wear a helmet whenever you’re on the bike.

There are loads of mountain bike helmets on the market, with prices ranging from budget level of around £20, all the way up to the supreme head cases that fetch for £150+. The justification for such a wide price range is all down the technology used in the construction of the helmet. For MET, their entry-level trail lid starts at around £40, and it’s the MET Echo mountain bike helmet.

MET Echo MTB Helmet

MET Echo Helmet

MET is a superb helmet manufacturer with a wealth of experience, knowledge and input into the technological advancements of head protection. Heck, my first ever MTB helmet was a MET Parabellum and I loved it! The Echo, however, is designed for those getting into mountain biking, those who are not yet bitten by the biking bug. Ordinarily, when starting a new sport, unsure whether you’ll commit to a life behind bars, spending a great deal of money on gear is not a sensible option. However, a helmet is essential for riding and fortunately, with the Echo, you don’t need to bust the bank to stay protected and look good.

How protective is your mountain bike helmet?

Constructed with a hard in-mould outer shell and shock-absorbing polystyrene, the MET Echo is equipped with a washable liner, adjustable straps and a Safe-T Mid Fit System, for a comfortable and spot-on fit. Available in seven earthy colours and in two sizes, S/M and M/L, there’s one out there for every new trail rider.

MET Echo MTB Helmet: Verdict

This is a helmet that doesn’t need all the frills and trimmings that you’d usually expect from a more high-end helmet model, and it doesn’t need it either. This helmet is designed for entry-level riding and it satisfies the basic requirements for protection and style.

However, the fit isn’t quite right for me. Even though the helmet is my size, I found that it to sit slightly too high on my head, leaving a sizeable gap around my ears and not feeling as though I was getting as much coverage as I would have prefered. Of course, this could just be the shape of my head and not being compatible with the shape of this particular model. Where possible, like with most things, try before you buy is strongly advised!

For more information on the MET Echo MTB helmet, head over to their website.

For a £40 entry-level MTB helmet, the MET Echo is well designed. It’s attractive in style, colour options and the protection level meets all the requirements. For me, it didn’t quite fit, but the quality of construction is second to none for a helmet of this calibr.

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