3 Nifty Tubeless Repair Kits

Many of us mountain bikers will prefer to run tubeless tyres over tubed tyres and that’s because a tubeless set-up will provide advantages that make a noticeable difference to your riding. Arguably one of the best upgrades you can give your bike, going tubeless does reduce your risk to puncture, but not entirely, which is where tubeless repair kits come in handy.

While you can always stuff a fresh inner tube into your tyre should your tubeless system fail you, there are tubeless repair kits on the market. Without breaking the bank or taking up too much valuable space in your riding pack, tubeless repair kits have become quite nifty, so I’m taking a quick look at three popular sets on the market.

Lezyne Classic Tubeless Kit

Long-standing component brand, Lezyne, has this compact repair kit available. The aluminium T-handle is combined with a reamer and insertion tool. The kit is completed with five tire plugs, and with a weight of just 48g, it’s hardly noticeable in your pack.

This is a very basic, and, well classic, repair kit. It’s a simple plug-and-play device to use when you’re out and on the go. Simply ream the puncture on the tyre, fill the puncture with a tire plug, and go!

More information on Lezyne’s Classic Tubeless Kit can be found here, and it retails for around £10.

Sahmurai Sword

Now, this is a pretty nifty and innovative tubeless repair kit. Developed by multi Cape Epic champion, Stefan Sahm, the Sahmurai Sword kit seamlessly slots into the ends of your handlebar for uber discreet storage and on the fly repairs.

The kit includes a separate reamer and insertion tool which happen to be on the ends of spiralled rubber plugs so that they double up as bar ends. The only downside is if you use enclosed grips, as you won’t want to chop the ends off!

For more information and to make a purchase for £25, head over to the Cyclorise website.

Weldtite Tubeless Repair Kit: External Use

If you want it all, and more, then the Weldtite Tubeless Repair kit for external use is the daddy of all tubeless repair kits and it’s still pretty compact!

The box contains a reamer, inserter, five tubeless plugs, 5g rubber solution, Stanley knife, and one yellow crayon. It really does have everything you need to make a quick and clean job of a tubeless repair.

Currently, on sale for just £5.50, this kit is an absolute bargain and the one I carry in my mountain bike guide pack!

Ok, admittedly, going tubeless for the first time can involve a bit of faff and frustration. However, once you get going with it, you won’t look back to the tubes, especially as repairing a tube is far more annoying than repairing a tubeless puncture on the trail.