Camden X KPP Cycling Watch

There’s certainly a strong correlation between being a passionate bike rider and appreciating the aesthetic beauty of excellent craftsmanship. Like magpies, we love our bikes to be clean, shiny and running like clockwork, so it’s no surprise that these personal rituals occasionally follow us from the bike and into our own lives.

With that in mind, The Camden Watch Company has teamed up with cycling enthusiast, Kitty Pemberton-Platt, to launch their first-ever collaboration, the Camden X KPP Cycling Watch.

Camden x KPP Cycling watch

London based watchmakers, The Camden Watch Company prides itself on producing quality products, infused with British heritage. With the Crest of Camden’s motto, “Non Sibi Sed Toti” translating to “Not For One But For All“, The Camden Watch Company has adopted this philosophy into their business ethics, ensuring that there is no compromise to quality when manufacturing their watches which are suitable and affordable for everyone.

“Diving into vintage cycling, bikes and culture to find all of the aspects that truly meant something to riders. I was interested in finding nuances from the era but also the similarities that haven’t changed over the years. Those things that all cyclists, old or new, could relate to.” – Kitty Pemberton-Platt

The Camden X KPP Cycling Watch came to be after Kitty stumbled upon Camden’s first pop-up shop on Camden high street a few years ago. Drawn in by their watches and the company founders, Anneke Short and Jerome Robert, Kitty became the first person to share the brand on social media, a small gesture, but one which meant a great deal to the budding brand. After that, the two kept in touch, and when the time was right, collaboration ensued giving birth to the Camden X KPP Cycling Watch.

What looks to be a refined and high polished watch at first glance, oozes cycling subtleties when you take a closer look. The saddle-inspired studs, the gear-shaped dial, the embossed letters on the leather strap, the intricate spoke design at the centre of the face and many other nods to cycling which is infused with minimalist elegance.

The Camden X KPP Cycling Watch is constructed using quality Japanese quartz movements, stainless steel casing and a genuine leather strap which is interchangeable. The whole piece is water resistant up to 50 metres, but really, it’s far too lovely to be fully submerged in water!

Camden X KPP Cycling Watch: The Verdict

It’s quite the step up from my old faithful Casio W-86-1VQES. However, I feel there is room for both styles because even though the Camden X KPP Cycling Watch is durable and water resistant, I wouldn’t choose to wear it mountain biking. For me, a watch like this is very much a piece I would reserve for off-the-bike occasions and one that I would take great care of as well.

Because of my petite wrists, the watch felt quite large at first, but once the leather straps, which are already soft, bedded in, I found the fit to be extremely comfortable. However, the stainless steel hoops which keep the excess strap from flapping around, don’t move and protrude from the low profile more than I’d like.

Saying that though, the Camden X KPP Cycling Watch is an elegant timepiece exuding cycling inspired subtleties which draws your eye into. With one size available, this watch is available for £149.

For more information on the Camden Watch Company, and to see their beautiful range of products, head over to their website.

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