Giro Riddance Flat Pedal MTB Shoes

When it comes to mountain bike shoes, you want something that’s not only comfortable to wear, but that feel great on the bike too. After all, they are one of three main contact points between you and your bike, so it’s important to find a pair that you’re happy with.

Of course, like with most of your kit, you have your preferences and mountain bike shoes are no different. Flats or SPDs? Stiff or soft? High or low profile? The list goes on… With FiveTen dominating the MTB shoe market, since nearly forever, it’s been difficult for other brands to get a look in, despite having some really cool concepts and technological features. For me, Giro is somewhat an understated brand when it comes to their shoes and having ridden to rags the Giro Jacket flats, I’ve been getting to grips with their successor, the Riddance flats.

Giro Riddance Flat Pedal MTB Shoes

Going through some of the technical features of these shoes, Giro continues to work with the rubber experts at Vibram® who has developed an all-new Megagrip™ ISR rubber, said to “combines best-in-class vibration dampening with pedal-sticking power“. Combining that with an EVA midsole and a breathable microfiber upper, you have yourself a well thought out mountain bike shoe.

Upon this solid construction, we have finer details that showcase Giro’s consideration for the needs of riders. A hexagonal dot patterned sole creates a strong lattice from the Megagrip™ ISR rubber, optimising pedal pin placement and contact. Both the front and rear of the shoe are reinforced for additional protection in those often-struck areas. The height of the shoe has been designed to really hug your ankle as well, another vulnerable part, prone to impact.

The Giro Riddance mountain bike shoes are finished off with a full laced enclosure, accompanied by an elastic lace-keeper which neatly holds down your excess laces so that they’re less likely to come undone or catch on anything.

Giro Riddance Flat Pedal MTB Shoes: Verdict

Giro Riddance Gravity Flat Pedal MTB Shoes

Having put these shoes through their paces, getting them utterly filthy, knocking them around a little and really bedding them in, it’s clear that the Riddance shoes are robost AF. My whole foot feels securely encased in a flaming cocoon of safety, and I was greatly comforted by the reinforced toe areas after a few ungraceful rock collisions.

This robustness comes at the price of a longer bedding in process, which isn’t really an issue. The higher cuff height around the heel, ankle and top of the foot was reassuring to have for safety purposes but does feel slightly too confining at times.

When it comes to pedal contact, I find these shoes pretty spot on. Even when wet, I don’t have an issue with them slipping off the pins which is largely owing to the super duper Megagrip™ ISR rubber.

For more information on these shoes, head over to Giro’s website.

Overall, I’m well chuffed with these shoes. They’re tough, hardwearing, have ample coverage and pin contact is spot on. Sure, they take a little longer to bed in and get used to, but for around £90, you’ll be pressed to find a sturdy pair of mountain bike shoes that offer protection, comfort and look bloody awesome.

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