Showers Pass Women’s IMBA Jacket

Showers Pass women's imba jacket

If you live in the UK, or anywhere that’s equally as damp and drizzly, then investing in a quality mountain bike jacket is essential for most, if not all, of your rides.

Showers Pass has over 20-years of experience developing cycling clothing designed to fend off even the most challenging of elements, ensuring the wearer is well covered and protected. Specialising in waterproof technologies, Showers Pass has grown from producing cycle-specific clothing to garments being revered by all outdoor enthusiasts. With such a fast-growing reputation, I was pretty stoked to get my hands on the Showers Pass women’s IMBA jacket as it was my first experience of the global brand.

Showers Pass Women’s IMBA Jacket

This waterproof and breathable mountain bike jacket has been produced in association with the International Mountain Bike Association. Showers Pass contribute 5% of net proceeds from this jacket to the IMBA which helps the organisation to continue growing the sport and trail networks over in the US.

The jacket itself is quite lightweight for a waterproof hardshell, offering plenty of ventilation, reinforced shoulders for bag straps, fully taped seams and water-resistant zippers. There are both vents and hand pockets on either side of the jacket, and a detachable hood which is large enough to cover your helmet, and small enough to stash away in your pocket or bag.

The women’s specific fit is defined by a flattering taper, cinching in at the waist to provide a loose but fitting shape. With a dropped hem at the back of the jacket, your backside is well covered from draught and muddy splashes as well.

Showers Pass Women’s IMBA Jacket: Verdict

For most of my winter riding this year, it’s been embarked upon while wearing the Showers Pass women’s IMBA jacket and quite quickly, and naturally, its become my go-to waterproof. Apart from the obvious features, like its excellent fit and shape, and its waterproof protection, there are many other subtleties which makes this jacket a new favourite of mine.

I’m not a fan of hoods on jackets, I find them annoying as they flap around behind me, but thankfully, the IMBA jacket has a removable hood, which was the first thing I took off. When zipped up, the collar of the jacket comes up high and it’s lined with a soft microfleece material which I found to be sufficient enough protection and warmth that I didn’t need to use a neck buff. The two hand pockets and smaller hidden chest pocket are ample in size and always come in handy for stashing my phone or map away with the reassurance tha they’ll stay dry and are secure.

The one niggle I have with this jacket is the placement of the zipped vents. There are two zipped vents sitting next to, and parallel to, the hand pocket zips. Quite often when I wanted to get to my pocket, I’d undo the vent zip instead, and vice versa. I feel these vents would be more effectively placed on the sides of the body, or more underneath the armpits.

For more information on the Women’s IMBA Jacket, head over to Showers Pass’ website.

The Showers Pass women’s IMBA jacket has accompanied my riding for miles and miles of trail over the winter and it’s become a favourite of mine. I love the understated grey with yellow accents, the fit, the protection and the features are exactly what I want from a mountain bike jacket. For £150, it washes and wears well and I don’t doubt I’ll be riding in this jacket for many more wet rides to come.

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