Reviewed: SHREDLY Leggings

I often rave about my love for SHREDLY mountain bike shorts; they’re colourful, comfortable and functional for a long day of trail shredding. So, can you imagine my excitement when SHRELDY announced they were releasing a 2016 line of active leggings?

For me, leggings are a difficult thing for brands to get right. First and foremost is the “see-through” index. Manufacturers get the design spot on, but when you wiggle and squeeze yourself in a pair, the design can warp, and the colours appear less intense. With that comes the “can you see my pants?” question… or in my case “can you see my tattoos?” which is my test of legging quality.

Then there’s the fit. Many leggings I’ve tried and tested have incredibly high waists, uncomfortable when you’re getting your gym session on, or even just lounging on the couch. The ankles can be sown too tight, and the dreaded crotch seam can reveal a little more anatomy than you’d want.

What appears to be a staple and straightforward garment for your wardrobe, can be a tricky balance of coverage, fit and style, especially if my intentions are for active purposes. So how do the new SHREDLY leggings fair?

SHREDLY Leggings

Upon receiving my new Danii style leggings, I was relieved. Just in the hand, the quality of the material felt thick and soft to the touch. The design was bright, well printed and precisely what I was hoping for. The fit was spot on as well, and I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t come up as high on my waist as other brands.

These active leggings have moisture control and quick-drying capabilities, which is what you need when you’re sweating out those workouts at the gym. There’s no side stitching on the outside of the leg, and all the seams are discrete for a smooth looking design. What’s even more appreciated is the small triangular gusset that’s been carefully sown in to allow for greater movement and a reduction in any embarrassing camel toes.

While the outside of the leggings is brightly coloured and smooth, the inside material is white and brushed to provide a soft feel against the skin.

SHREDLY Leggings: Verdict

I’ve had these leggings for two months now, and in that time I’ve worn them on the bike, to the gym, for yoga and just for everyday wear. Yep, I love them.

For me, they tick all the boxes. The see-through test is satisfied which minimal pants and tattoo are visible. I mean, I really have to stretch them over my legs to see anything beneath.

For the stretch test, yoga has certainly proved that they can go in any which direction your body can. At no point have I felt restricted by movement in the SHREDLY leggings, and I’ve not felt any discomfort from the mid-rise waistband.

Like their shorts, you can easily pass these off for everyday wear too. I often wear mine with a heavy woollen jumper, or long shirt and no one would think otherwise that they are active performance leggings. The versatility is what I love about them.

With a price tag of £60, admittedly, they sound quite expensive for a pair of leggings. However, I think the price is justified as they are stylish, fit for purpose and made with the female body in mind: what we want, and how we want it. Not to mention the quality of the material feels like £60 leggings, rather than thin, cheap and see-through ones you can get elsewhere.

They are available in sizes: X.Small, Small, Medium and Large so be sure to check the SHREDLY size guide to see which would be best for you. Whenever I’m not sure on sizes and ordering from outside the UK, I always double check my cake belly and biscuit bum with a tape measure, just to be sure.

The full range of SHREDLY leggings can be found on their website here.

SHREDLY’s active leggings for 2016 are a hit with me. They look and feel great, and they are versatile enough to wear for a variety of occasions.