SPANK Spike 35 Vibrocore Handlebars

Spank Spike 35 Vibrocore Bar

You have three body contact points with your bike: feet, bum and hands which is why it’s important to take the time and do the research before investing in something just because the colour matches your bike – although, that is a factor to consider!

I’m sure that all of us has experienced the pain of ill-fitting shoes or a saddle that’s too hard at least once during our lifetime, and yet when it comes to hands, handlebars are often overlooked with the focus being more so on gloves and grips for providing comfort. However, SPANK Industries believe comfort can be improved by your handlebar selection, especially when technology like Vibrocore has a part to play.

Virbrocore: Good Vibrations

So, what is Vibrocore exactly? It’s “a proprietary biodegradable, complex foam core of precisely controlled density.” Essentially, it’s a handlebar dampener used to reduce vibrations transmitted through the bike and into our hands and arms.

Mountain biking causes vibrational frequencies between 2Hz to 200Hz with the average being between 5Hz and 50Hz. Sustaining these vibrations for a prolonged period can be medically harmful, resulting in what we call arm-pump to varying degrees of severity. All handlebars help dampen these vibrations, but they also have their own frequency at which they begin to resonate, amplifying harmful vibrations. SPANK Industries inject Vibrocore into their handlebars to help reduce vibrations and resonance while increasing the bar’s overall stiffness without adding too much weight – typically between 25g to 30g.

SPANK Spike 35 Vibrocore Bar

The SPANK Spike 35 Vibrocore alloy handlebars are ideal for downhill, all-mountain and freeride disciplines. They’re super-wide with a mammoth length of 820mm, a sturdy 35mm bar clamp for increased strength and stiffness, and have been injected with Vibrocore foam to help reduce trail feedback that can cause arm-pump and numbness.

Weighing approximately 300g, these handlebars have a rise of 25°, an upsweep of 5° and an 8° back-sweep. Fortunately, SPANK has marked precise cut-lines along the 820mm length to help you trim them down for size, with 760mm being the minimum recommended width – Ideal for me as I usually run my bars at 760mm.

As a creature of comfort, anything that promises to make my ride more comfortable is considered a “must-try”. I have suffered from numbness and arm-pump in the past, and keen to quash the effects, I was eager to get my hands on these handlebars.

Spank Spike 35 Vibrocore Bar: Verdict

My amazing Franken-build enduro weapon

Earlier this year, I took on a full strip, paint, upgrade, restore – all the things – revamp of my 2016 Kross Moon 2.0, and I chose the SPANK Spike 35 handlebars to be a part of my new cockpit, and I haven’t looked back since.

Of course, I trimmed the bars down to 760mm: the minimum recommended allowance. Filed down the ends before slipping on my DMR Deathgrips and positioned them to suit. Now, the Vibrocore insert runs throughout a majority of the 760mm length of the handlebars, so it was clear to see why SPANK recommend a minimum length when trimming.

Over the past four months, I’ve been riding my Franken-bike with the SPANK bars firmly locked into place. My bike has taken me over the natural techy terrain of Loch Morar in Scotland, to the infamous rocks of Ben Nevis and, of course, all over my local trails. Suffice to say, they are still on my bike and that’s where they will remain for the foreseeable future because not only does the geometry work for me, the sweep, rise and length, but I do feel the Vibrocore helps to reduce the amount of buzz that’s fed into my body from the trail. Sure, I feel achy coming to the end of a tech trail or long descent, but not to the same degree as I have felt in the past. With the concept being quite straightforward, it appears that the use of Vibrocore really does work, making my rides more comfortable, especially the longer ones.

Weighing approximately 300g, these bars aren’t as light as I would prefer seeing that my Franken-bike is already a total unit. However, the quality of alloy and the Vibrocore provide a badass burly feel which offers assurance that these bad boys won’t be snapping or warping any ride son.

For more information about the SPANK SPIKE 35 Vibrocore handlebars, head over to their website here.

What’s really cool about these handlebars is that given the quality of construction and the Vibrocore insert, they come in well under £100 with some online outlets retailing them for £81 – which is a bargain when you compare these with similar models on the market. So, if you’re looking for a burly and comfortable handlebar, the SPANK Spike 35 Vibrocrore handlebars are certainly worth the consideration.

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