Spengle Wheels: Is Spokeless the Way to go?

Spengle Wheels

There’s been a lot of buzz about Spengle Wheels recently, and with good reason. By just looking at them, it’s apparent that these are no ordinary mountain bike wheels owing to the configuration of spokes, and lack thereof. But what’s the story behind the rotation, and are we seeing the start of a new revolution for mountain bike wheels?

Even though their presence has become more widespread over the past couple of years, Spengle Wheels have actually been in operation since the dawn of mountain biking in the late ’80s and ’90s. Over the years, this brand has ridden to victory in the Crocodile Trophies in Australia, RAAM in the US, and even picking up a few downhill speed world records as well. Today, Spengle is determined to create the best enduro wheel on the market and it looks like they won’t stop at anything to achieve it.

The Spengle Carbon Monocoque Wheel

When Spengle set out to create the best enduro wheel on the planet, they decided to focus on the core principles of wheel building: weight, strength and stiffness. Through extensive research and by listening to feedback from hundreds of athletes, Spengle directed their efforts on optimising the ratios of these elements to withstand the demands of enduro riding – leading them to eliminate traditional spoke laced wheels and opt for a one-piece carbon construction instead.

With a design concept in mind, Spengle put to use state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to develop the Carbon Monocoque wheel. Using a high-end blend of carbon fibre, and innovative production techniques, including “Industry 4.0” and FEM, Spengle use only the highest quality grade metals to engineer their bespoke hub casings which help deliver unparallel strength to weight ratio. So why move away from traditional laced spokes? Spengle set out to re-engineer the wheel in its entirety. With a newly developed elbow structure allowing Spengle to use the properties of carbon fibre effectively, the monocoque wheel can redistribute incoming forces away from the rider and across the wheel instead. This dispersal of force provides a smoother ride experience for the rider, something every mountain biker could benefit from.

Engineered to precision and manufactured under the scrutiny of quality control, the Spengle carbon monocoque wheels are entirely made within Europe. Spengle have four facilities across the EU, and employ over 50 members of staff – clearly, they are invested and confident in the technology!

Size: 650b / 27.5″Available in Boost (front 110, rear 148mm) or Standard (front 100, rear 142mm) UST Tubeless ready rims
Internal width: 24 mm Front Axle: 15 mm thru axle Valve hole diameter 6mm
Disc Standard: Centrelock (IS6 adaptors inc) Rear Axle: 12 mm thru axle Hookless for easy mounting of tires

Are these wheels for you?

Spengle Wheels

If you’re an all-mountain explorer, enduro warrior, cross-country adventurer, or even a gravel voyager, then these Spengle wheels are right up your trail. They’re not designed for hardcore hits, jumps or downhill riding before you wonder, they’re for all the ups and downs that mountain biking has to offer. Perhaps you’re like me, someone who appreciates technological boundaries being pushed, innovations experimented with and you like to bag yourself some quirky looking components to really set your bike apart from the rest, these wheels will do just that. From a performance perspective, the layers of high-grade carbon fibre that have gone into their construction make these wheels incredibly responsive, allowing you to hit your best lines with confidence and precision. Without laced spokes, the fixed one-piece design makes these wheels super stiff to create a more grounded feel with the terrain, offering compliance in your bike’s handling and improved rolling capabilities.

What’s more, Spengle offers a lifetime warranty on their wheelsets because let’s face it, nothing lasts forever – sadly. The lifetime warranty covers wheels belonging to the original owner where there is structural damage to the carbon body or hub, that’s been caused as a result of riding. Simply file your warranty claim, send them a couple of images and a brief note on how it happened, and a courier with a new wheel will be on its way to you and will take away the damaged one for inspection.

Spengle’s Carbon Monocoque wheels are available in boost or standard (or a mix), coming in at €1,490 for a pair with worldwide delivery included and they also come with a fresh pair of Schwalbe tyres and inner tubes ready to ride.

Say goodbye to wheel truing, tubeless rim tape and snapping spokes with elegant Swiss engineering from Spengle. If you want to see more of these wheels in action, head over to Spengle’s Instagram account for inspiration.

For more information on Spengle’s Carbon Monocoque wheels and to order yourself a pair, head over to their website here.

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