What the Heck Is The Green Balm?

MOA Green Balm

In a world with increasing awareness for sustainability, travelling green, eco-friendly products and the like, we’ve seen waves of movements from groups and organisations encouraging us to stay clear of less natural purchases and to care for ourselves with more holistic and organic means. I, for one, suffer from bouts of eczema, cracked painful lips and acne outbreaks and while I have a few remedies I turn to for reprieve of these symptoms, I’m always curious to see what cleaner, and potentially better, products are on the market. Until recently, I’d never heard of MOA Apothecary and their Green Balm, and then all of a sudden, I was seeing and hearing about it everywhere. So I gave it a try.

The MOA brand was launched by Charlie Fowler, shortly after the birth of her daughter who suffered from eczema. Concerned by the long-term effects that petrochemicals could have on her child, Charlie began searching for more organic remedies to soothe her daughter’s discomfort, which is how the Green Balm was born. Blending organic ingredients and the folklore of herbalism, yarrow has become a staple component to the MOA brand, along with botanical oils and herbal extracts. Essentially, The Green Balm is a multi-purpose healing balm and when I say multi-purpose, I really mean it because you can apply this balm to just about anything and after doing some digging and some testing myself, I was surprised at how many uses it had.

Two key ingredients of The Green Balm are tea tree and yarrow. Tea tree is known for its antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties while helping to eliminate bacteria, allowing the skin to repair. Yarrow is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Often used for reducing irritation of aggravated skin and breakouts. Other ingredients of The Green Balm include coconut oil, Soy Bean, Sweet Almond, Beeswax and Sunflower Seed Oil – making this balm vegetarian and cruelty-free without any petrochemicals, SLS or artificial preservatives.

The green balm moa

Now, there are almost endless uses for this balm as it’s suggested to help with: soothing dry and itchy skin, help heal minor cuts, blisters, burns, soothe bug bites, treat chapped lips, mix with warm water to gargle for sore throats and even remove make-up. The reason this balm can do so much is down to the organic ingredients which contain powerful antiseptic properties.

I’ve been using this balm for some time now and in many ways as its intended purpose. Firstly, it’s got a lovely smell which isn’t overpowering whatsoever, nor is it clinical as most antiseptics are, the scent is subtle and soothing and really quite pleasant. The texture of this balm is smooth and a little greasy, as it’s made from many oil extracts. However, it’s not too greasy that it sits on top of your skin for a while, nor do you feel you need to keep washing or rubbing your fingers after. For me, I’ve used the balm to remove make-up which worked really nicely and left my skin soft and feeling quite nourished. I often find myself dipping in for my cracked lips because I’m a lip-biter when concentrating hard, especially when riding my bike. It’s a shame this balm isn’t available in a handy lipstick version as it would be easier to take out on the trails with me, but I know it’s there for me when I get home. Even on grazed shins, I’ve applied a generous coating of The Green Balm and found it to really soften and soothe the area also.

With glowing reviews from around the internet, MOA’s Green Balm has often been called a “miracle balm” with praise for its healing and soothing properties, not to mention the strong pillar of organic and sustainable awareness upon which it stands. Personally, I wouldn’t go as far to call it a miracle balm. However, I do think this is a great multi-purpose healthy skin soothing balm which I enjoy using for various irritations, and sometimes just to soften dry or cracked skin. Saying that though, I’ve yet to try it out on saddle sores – I’ll keep you posted!

MOA’s Green Balm is available in two volumes, 50ml and 15ml at a price of £16 and £7, respectively. For more information and to grab a pot for yourself, head over to MOA’s website.

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